Is Taxation the Answer to Obesity and Successful Weight Loss? -

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  1. Alexis says

    In a lot of cases if doctors would start treating patients with “subclinical” hypothyroid instead of relying on broad ranges and TSH testing and telling people with symptoms they are fine that could also cut down on obesity and lots of other health issues. I know from personal experience that they are wrong when they assume that hypothyroidism doesn’t make it EXTREMELY difficult in many cases to keep weight down. perhaps if all these doctors started gaining weight on 1400 calories a day while forcing their tired bodies to exercise they would LISTEN to the patient and their symptoms instead of telling them just eat less and exercise more.

    Additionally when are they going to acknowledge the role that toxins, including the chemicals they allow in food, are also contributing to the problem? I honestly don’t think the amazing increase in obesity is ALL because everyone is eating more and not exercising – there are too many people on diets and in gyms that still don’t lose. Simplistic things you hear from many doctors just do not work in the majority of cases!

  2. Anonymous says

    Taxing junk foods is not the answer. Like the taxes on cigarettes, the taxes collected from junk foods will become part of the budget for the state and/or federal government which will result in those governments being dependent on them. When the government needs you to buy junk food then taxing it only generates revenue for the government and does not solve the problem.
    Also, like taxing cigarettes, taxing junk foods will disproportionately affect the poor citizens of our country who live in “food deserts”, areas like inner cities where there are few grocery stores but numerous convenience stores. Those citizens who have limited choices in buying food will end up paying more for what they can get: junk food. Making them pay more but not giving them access to healthier options is simply making them pay more, which again, solves nothing.

  3. Anonymous says

    Jay –

    The government is the last group that should be held responsible for our health. They have shown they can be bought and they don’t care a thing about our health, just about the money that is coming in.

    If they really cared about our health, rather than taxing cigarettes they would outlaw the chemicals that they are fully aware are unhealthy and cause cancer. Tobacco itself is not unhealthy, in fact there are proven health benefits to smoking in moderation. Even nicotine has some health benefits to it. What causes the problems for smokers is all the chemicals that get added to the cigarettes which are just adding to the amount of toxic chemicals that are in the air. But instead of outlawing the chemicals use in the making of cigarettes which would actually make them far more healthy and cause far less problems for all people – smokers and non-smokers alike – we instead make it out to say that smoking is one of the worst things that a person can do rather than actually try to make the habit more healthy. Many of the laws that have gone into effect for cigarettes show that the government is being paid off by the big cigarette companies.

    The same goes with food. The FDA is not our friend. They are being paid off by Big Pharma and the big food industries. If the FDA truly cared about our health they wouldn’t be attacking supplements like they do. There would be laws requiring that GMO foods be labeled so people can more easily know what to buy and what to avoid. There would be better labeling of organic foods that doesn’t allow non-organic foods to slip in and say they are organic. We’d be allowed to buy raw milk and the vast majority of our meat supply wouldn’t be factory farmed and treated with antibiotics and growth hormones. The thing is, that creates profit for little cost and Big Pharma benefits from all of this and benefits from keeping us using harmful drugs rather than natural alternatives.

    I’d support the government taxing bad foods if they understood better what are bad foods and if money didn’t allow for coverups. But as long as the government is being bought by big industries and money means more than our health, I don’t trust the government to look out for us.

    Just go read the numerous articles on this site about Avandia if you want to see an example of just how much the FDA cares about our health. If the FDA did care, that drug would have been off the market years ago.

  4. posout says

    Excellent comment anonymous.
    I totally agree. We must solve the problem, not just collect
    extra taxes. The needs of the poor must be considered.

  5. Jay says

    As our society evolves to one where heath-care becomes a right, healthy people won’t want to pick up the tab on others who willfully make unhealthy decisions (overeating, smoking, etc.) Through the democatically elected government they will have to impose laws, fines, taxes to compensate for the imbalance.

  6. Lori says

    The obesity epidemic in this country has grown exponentially over the last 40 to 50 years. And during that time, we’ve added food chemicals, unnatural sweeteners, heated vegetable oils (no, we shouldn’t be heating olive oil either), hormones, and antibiotics, while removing good fats and fat soluble nutrients that act as hormones in the body. Real pasture butter, real eggs from happy chickens, hard cheeses from grass fed animals have all been “no-no’s” because we’re told that the fat in those foods causes obesity and heart disease. This is just plain wrong. It’s the added carbs that our bodies can’t handle. The more we eat, the more we crave. Protein and fat satiate our appetites and keep blood sugar levels stable. We have this all wrong – morally, ethically, and nutritionally.

  7. Anonymous says

    Junk food is junk. Why is it that the companies who make a food so bad we classify it as junk don’t have to fix their product and the government is only considering adding a tax because it is unhealthy? This is ridiculous.

    If I were manufacturing junk cars the government would be all over me to stop making a broken and dangerous product. They wouldn’t tax my cars because they posed a serious health risk, they would force me to fix the problem or stop making them. Period.

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