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  1. Steve says

    “To correct elevated triglyceride levels, a strict diet which eliminates all sugar, refined carbohydrates, starches and wheat based foods must be followed.”
    To accomplish this advise means…No….
    even noodles
    even no ICE CREAM. loaded with sugar.
    anything made with refined wheat flour or sugar.
    It is the PASTRIES on a daily basis that is bad for you. I had a friend who’s wife always had fresh baked pastries of one sort or another. They were over weight and had health problems.
    I have to have Gluten Free everything now. I ate ice cream everyday after not having any for 6 years because of my ailments. After I was better, I ate ice cream. My triglycerides shot through the roof. Now I have less, and not as often.
    More VEGGIES, Fruits, nuts, low fat meat like Turkey. Xylitol sugar, gluten free meals, etc… for me… and some of it is delicious. An Apple, instead of a candy bar!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Diets that cause an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency always produce an increase in total serum cholesterol levels and increase your risk for coronary artery disease. Ninety-nine percent of Americans are severely deficient in this essential fatty acid and it causes increased triglycerides. All highly processed foods have the omega-3 fatty acids removed to keep these products from becoming rancid before being purchased. Foods that increase healthy omega-3’s are organic butter from grass-fed cows, cage-free eggs, wild caught salmon (not farmed or grain-fed), walnuts, avocados, and plenty of leafy green vegetables.

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