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10 Secrets of People Who Beat the Aging Game

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  1. Dear Dr. Ozner!
    If we accept the notion that
    There is no such thing as an undeniable medical fact!,
    then we should agree that none of the advice in any article should be stated in a categorical form, and multiple viewpoints (covering pluses and minuses) should be given, for example, in the case of this article: your liver manufactures 80% of the cholesterol, Lower Your Cholesterol and Increase Your Chance of Stroke , and the opinion that even people on a western standard diet of sugars and starches can have ZERO mortality from myocardial infarction, if they are willing to spend $1 / day for prevention.
    Possible benefits of this approach:
    – prompts readers to do their homework,
    – teaches readers to question everything,
    – removes 50% of the responsibility for advice, which history will prove to be incorrect, from the article author.

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