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  1. I have trouble with fructose now days. I used it back in 1989, without problems. I had some straight fructose powder, and I used that on my oatmeal, and I experienced some discomforting sensations. I can’t really describe them. So, I tried AGAVE NECTAR. BIG MISTAKE! IT IS FRUCTOSE!!!!
    I had some bad reactions with it. So, OUT it has gone!!!!!
    I will stick with the Gluten-free Brown Rice Syrup. I don’t seem to get reactions from it. More expensive. But I put it in my oatmeal as a sweetener, or my gluten-free pancakes.
    On my gluten-free oatmeal, I will use Xylitol for a sweetener. I don’t seem to have trouble with it. But in high doses I have read it can cause problems too. Everything Processed has had nutrients taken out. Or is chemically changed, and is bad for a person.

    Be well and happy!

  2. This information is so important. I would like to help to spread this information. May I reprint the article, as is, with author’s name, on my blog?

    I worry that a few of my friends that have cancer have not been told to curtail ingestion of sugar, fructose and glucose. Some have actually been told by their physicians to drink those highly sugared sports drinks to help them keep up their strength. Perhaps it is keeping up the strength of the cancer and not the patient.

  3. Sigh…Dr. Miller can you please, please ,please stop being a grammar teacher and contribute something useful to the discussions around here? If you’re a doctor why not publish some (gramatically correct) and useful articles for us to read?

    This is SUCH an important subject. We are overloaded on fructose in this country and it is literally killing us. Its making us fat, diabetic, leading to widespread inflammation and disease, and causing cancer. Let’s talk about THAT instead of grammar for a change.

  4. Hi Vicky:
    Feel free to republish this article. My intent is to spread the word to those who have an open mind.

  5. Sigh. Cannot anyone write a grammatical sentence? Consider (above) “The link between fructose consumption and many forms of cancer are quite evident.” That is, “The link . . . are quite evident.” Should I trust the rest of the article?

  6. I am wondering why in the world do we need to add any sweetener to any of our foods. Oatmeal, which has been cooked with raisins in it or dates, is sweet enough.
    Pancakes can be eaten with a spread of mashed fruit. It is wonderful with cooked prune plumes or cook some strawberries and much them. Spread them on while they are still warm, yummy
    Take a chance and try to taste the real food, without added sweeteners and you will be amazed how good real food actually is. This way your body will benefit and you do not have to worry about what manufacturers have managed to add this time.

  7. I’m a bit confused. Shouldn’t we eat fresh fruits? Dr. John Phillip, would you please answer? Or anybody else?

  8. Anon,
    Yes, we should eat fresh fruits, that is not the problem. It is the refined, denatured, fructose and other sugars that are the problem. Being processed, the processors, have made it a DRUG! Whole Foods with the rest of the nutrition is better for you than a one property, concentrated extract with no life giving properties. The same for refined flour products. You know, cookies, pies, cakes and doughnuts. And the like. It is the so called “rich” foods that cause the problems, as they are basically another form of junk food.
    So make your pastries with “good” sugars and “good” flours that have not been denatured.
    Eat all the life giving whole fruit you want. My opinion.


  9. Well well stop b***hing really. Great site cut the crap. I have multiple endocrine neoplasm one. Inherited and doesnt relate to fructose problems. Operations lead to medications which lead to long term cortisone acetate since 1996. Now that mongrel gave me diabetes as the dosage was not weened down in time to prevent diabetes how do you stop the tumors that occur on any one of my endocrine system – fix the dam blood defect. But I go to my ex rays, appointments and listen to all advice and seek my on goals as well. kidneys checked, feet, eyes blood tests at different times of the year. Now Im back to keep an eye out on a brain tumor again.

    So how do we fix the defect when you are living as healthy a life as possible oh by the way money is extremely scarce.

  10. In regards to eating fresh fruit… be careful! Unfortunately, most all of the fruits/vegetables sold in supermarkets are loaded with various pesticides with apples and peaches topping the list. These pesticides cannot be washed off and in many cases get into the fruit itself (bananas excluded). Also berries, particularly blueberries and strawberries are laced with various pesticides. Unless you have a reliable source for “pesticide-free” fresh fruits and berries or grow your own… be careful! In general, steer clear of the supermarket produce aisles!

  11. I found this site looking for sources of fructose. This is not sufficient. Sucrose has fructose in it. I just want a list of all sugars and syrups containing the fructose molecule. Real maple syrup has fructose in it. Molasses has fructose in it. There’s fructose in most processed foods. If they simply put fructose on the label under carbs, we could actually avoid it without knowing the hundreds(?) of types of syrups and sugars containing fructose. Not all ‘corn sugar’ contains fructose BTW. I brew beer and use a substance we call corn sugar for priming and it contains 100% glucose. Is the ‘corn sugar’ on the label of foods different? I don’t know because there’s no breakdown of Fructose on the nutrition label.

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