Why Are Guys Getting Boob Jobs?

Now here’s a disturbing trend. Men are now getting “breast reduction” surgery like never before. The number of surgeries has risen 2,540% in 5 years.(1)

Even worse, doctors often recommend surgery when it isn’t necessary.

Men usually don’t need breast reduction… they need estrogen reduction.

Here’s the reason:

The female hormone estrogen is behind the rise in man boobs.

There are forms of estrogen everywhere in our environment. It gets into a man’s body and sends the signal to become more feminine, hence the boobs.

It’s bad for women, too. An increase in estrogen means depression and anxiety. And a big increase in the risk of cancer.

Farmers use estrogen in cattle, pigs, and chicken to fatten them up. When you eat the meat, you get the estrogen, too. And that’s not all… there are chemicals that have a structure that looks like estrogen.

These chemicals are also in thousands of products you use everyday. From shampoo, plastic cups, garden hoses, flooring, etc. – all those “estrogen mimics” are getting into your bloodstream and sending “female” signals to the tissues in your body.

Chemicals that look like estrogen send the same feminizing signals as real estrogen. Sadly, your body can’t tell the difference. That’s why so many guys are being turned into women.

It’s not just man boobs you have to worry about. These estrogen signals make you fat, slow, and tired. And they zap your sex life, too.

If you’re a woman, the extra dose of estrogen can make your menstrual cycle more painful. And when you go through menopause, it will likely be more traumatic.

The flood of estrogen you get from your environment stops your body’s production of hormones. That’s your body’s way of trying to stay balanced. If you’re getting estrogen from other sources, your body doesn’t need to make its own.

But along with stopping estrogen, your body will also stop making progesterone. And that’s bad news. Progesterone is a woman’s “feel good” hormone. It relieves anxiety and depression. I see low levels of progesterone in at least half of my female patients, if not more.

On top of feeling depressed and irritable, all that extra estrogen ramps up your risk for heart attack, stroke, and cancer.(2,3)

The good news is you can take simple steps to get rid of the extra estrogen in your blood. The first step is to lower your exposure to chemicals, especially in your food:

  • Avoid processed, packaged, and fast foods.
  • Eat organic whenever you can.
  • Stick to grass-fed, hormone-free beef and poultry products.
  • Eat wild-caught fish whenever possible.
  • Stay away from processed grains.

Step two is taking natural compounds that flush excess estrogen from your bloodstream. They’re often sold together at any health-food store. One is Indole 3 Carbinole (I-3-C), and the other is Diindolylmethane (DIM).

I-3-C and DIM are concentrated forms of cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are great at clearing estrogen, but you would have to eat a lot to get the estrogen-cleansing effect. Taking a supplement is easier. To give you an idea, 400 mg of I-3-C is equal to 130 raw brussels sprouts or ¼ head of raw cabbage.(4)

If you have trouble finding these supplements in your neighborhood, you can take Estro-Cleanse. It’s my own formula, the one I give my patients.



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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you Anonymous 2/19/2010 for sharing, I am very sure your testimony will help our male population be more aware of this situation, our bodies are suppose to be in almost a perfect balance with a minor +/- any thing over is chaotic, a small amount of estrogen in men is normal jus as a small amount of testosterone in females is normal anything beyond that normality is a no no. JAM

  2. Anonymous says

    I am living proof of what high estrogen does to a male. It has been so prior to puberty and I not only have breast tissue but also have feminized genitals as well. If people saw me they would become very concerned about all the estrogen in our environment affecting males and would speak up about it. I have lived a life of estrogen dominance and did not realize what was going on and that I had such until I had recent health issues. I am telling others now to help them and I am glad to see such articles written to inform people.

  3. Anonymous says

    Excellent article Dr Sears, I heard around the grapevine that SOY products are one of the biggest culprit behind all this, I did not see this written in your article, are you in favor of SOY products? I sincerely hope not, in any case your article mention most products and that is a plus, this information is a start for males and females to be aware of this and to actually read the fine print before buying products. JAM

  4. Peter1469 says

    In addition to what Dr. Sears has said above, I would add that men (and women) need to work out. Most of us don’t have time for an hour per day, so check out Dr. Sears’ PACE program. Get more results in less time.

    More muscle mass = less man boobs.

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