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Some of the best health advice around is to up your intake of legumes (beans) and switch out white rice for its brown cousin. Adding green vegetables and dried fruit to your regular diet is also adding healing foods to your repertoire. This story is about food cures, particularly those now proven to reduce your risk of colon polyps.

A new study found that eating legumes at least three times a week and brown rice at least once a week reduced the risk of colon polyps by 33% and 40%, respectively. The researchers went on to find out that cooked green veggies and dried fruit were also independently associated with greater protection.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. Colon polyps are not cancerous, but they need to be removed, as they can lead down the road to cancerous tumors. The best way humans can deflect their risk of cancer is making wise food choices.

The cooked green vegetables, eaten once a day, were linked to a 24% reduced risk of polyps. The dried fruit, at three times a week or more, equaled a 26% lower risk. Legumes, dried fruits and brown rice all are rich in fiber, which is known to dilute potential carcinogens. And cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy and salad greens contain detoxifying compounds.

Old studies have found that eating too much red or processed meat increases one’s risk for colon cancer. But if legumes are present on the plate, they may help deflect that risk on their own.

The new study came from data gleaned from 2,818 people who were tracked for 26 years. In this time period, 441 cases of rectal/colon polyps were identified. Other risk factors were accounted for, such as a family history of colorectal cancer, exercise level, alcohol intake, smoking, constipation, intake of sweets, pain medication, and multivitamins, as well as different food variables. They went on to study 25 foods/food groups in particular.

And that is where they found the considerable protection afforded by legumes and brown rice, a whole grain. And toss in some steamed broccoli and a handful of dried apricots, and you have a whole lot more colon cancer protection.

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Dr. Marchione has also served as Principal Investigator in at least a dozen clinical research projects relating to serious ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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    Last year I was admitted to the local hospital 8 times, first it was Cellulitis, then shortness of breath, I have CHF and water builds up in my body and thus I take water pills. But for some reason one of the HOSPITAL DOCTORS prescribed me a Rx to lower my pulse, ( metoprolol tartrate) since then I have been put on O2 because I can not catch my breath. I usually read the side effects on all meds. but this was given to me in the hospital and I didn’t have time to read the side effects until 2 days later when I noticed the first side effect is SOB! After eight visits to the local hospital the next event I went to another much bigger hospital and they nearly killed me with a bronchoscopy (heart stopped beating). So far so good with no repeat hospital visits. Is there any hope for a case like me because I have little faith in the Doctor’s that are treating me. Rich Keene

  2. AbdulMalek says

    I am sixty five years of age.
    Although I have been healthy through out my life.I am married and have seven cihildren.Also I have become a grand father.
    Though I eat normal food i feel tired and no appetite.Food does not taste as it used to be.I feel depressed and weak feeling .
    Please advise what tests I must get done so that you can advise me better.
    Thanks & best Regards,

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