Top 10 Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

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This might come as a surprise to you, but one of the smartest choices of good fat you can add to your diet is organic virgin coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil.

Although it is a 90% saturated fat, organic coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that can improve your health in many ways.

First of all, organic coconut oil is very stable to cook with because it withstands high temperatures without heat damage. If you switch your cooking oil to organic coconut oil, you can start improving your health right away.

What’s more, you can easily digest the MCFAs in coconut oil. So, it’s a lot easier on your system than other oils. Plus, these hard-working fatty acids are immediately converted into energy rather than being stored in your body as fat. Overall, MCFAs help to boost your metabolism, which is a great help to any weight loss program.

Considered a functional food, organic coconut oil is now being recognized by the medical community as a powerful tool against immune system related diseases. Several studies have been done on its effectiveness in this area, and much research is currently underway concerning the incredible nutritional value of pure organic virgin coconut oil.

Organic coconut oil is highly nutritious and contains a superior disease fighting fatty acid called lauric acid. It is also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The best kind to get is organic raw unprocessed extra virgin coconut oil. This will assure you that your product is unrefined, certified organic by USDA standards, and contains no added chemicals or genetically modified additives.

You’ll also know your organic coconut oil is made only from fresh coconuts and is a solid at room temperature. The Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of organic coconut oil.

Used in tropical cultures as a nutritious diet staple for many centuries, organic coconut oil can help:

1. Keep You Healthy and Slim

You can help boost and regulate your metabolism to keep your weight under control with this wonder oil.

2. Support Your Immune System

Organic coconut oil is jam-packed with lauric acid, the immune supporting nutrient.

3. Promote Heart Health

Packed full of healthy fats that are good for your heart, organic coconut oil is a great addition to your daily diet.

4. Give You Instant Energy

Organic coconut oil can help you feel less fatigued and require less sleep by stimulating your metabolism. It can also enhance athletic performance.

5. Support Healthy Thyroid Function

Organic coconut oil helps to stimulate the activity and proper functioning of this important gland which provides energy, supports the health of your skin and metabolism, and keeps your moods in balance.

6. Help Keep Your Skin Youthful, Smooth & Healthy Looking

Using organic virgin coconut oil as a lotion will help improve your skin, hair, and nails due to its moisturizing and smoothing effects that also promote elasticity.

7. Increase Cell Regeneration

When your metabolic rate increases, your cell regeneration speeds up, too. This means that your body will more quickly replace old cells with newer, healthier cells.

8. Promote Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Bacterial Activity

Teeming with lauric acid, organic coconut oil possesses abundant natural agents that may reduce fungus, bacteria and the viruses that cause influenza, herpes, and other illnesses.

9. Improve Insulin Secretion

This helps to better utilize glucose to balance insulin output which can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes.

10. Protect Your Body from Disease

Organic coconut oil may help protect your body from cell damaging free radicals.

Are there other great benefits of coconut oil that I have missed here in my list? Share them with us in the comments.


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Dr. Edward Group

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A dynamic author and speaker, Dr. Group focuses solely on spreading the message of health and wellness to the global community with the philosophy of full body cleansing, most importantly colon cleansing, consuming pure clean organic food, water, air, exercise and nutritional supplementation. Visit to learn more about living green and healthy!

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  1. Frederica Huxley says

    I’ve been fascinated, reading about the doctor in Florida who seriously curtailed her husband’s Alzheimers with a tablespoon or two of coconut oil a day! I still find it very hard convincing people that coconut oil is extremely healthy – most people cannot get over the thought of all that saturated fat………..

  2. Elisabeth says

    Coconut oil has cure my diabetis. I used it for cooking and as body, and hair lotion for my entiere family.

  3. Anonymous says

    Coconut oil has beneficial for me to lighten dark skin spots on my face and arms. I also used it on my hands daily and some small flat worts that I had for years have now disappeared.



  5. says

    Dr Group provides an excellent and concise description of coconut oil. I also have been using a mixture of 50% coconut oil and 50% baking soda to brush my teeth with instead of the commercial tooth pastes. That way I avoid the numerous chemical additives that these commercial toothpastes include, such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbitol, etc. Doesn’t it make more sense to brush with a substance that has the benefits Dr. Group mentions and you can get additional benefits from swallowing it?

  6. yinka says

    my comment is on soursop plant. I drank tea made with soursop plant and there is this blisterlike spots all over my body excludig my face. can you please advice?

  7. Karola says

    Elisabeth I also would like to know how it reversed your Diabetes.
    I will use it for the burning in my intestend because not one Dr. can help me.

  8. Alexis Ritchi says

    I use 4 tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil everyday.
    (2 Tablespoons in my Oats, 1 Tablespoon in my afternoon smoothie & 1 Tablespoon in hot water at night).

    I have never felt better :)

  9. Crimsonjewel says

    Coconut Oil is an overall Health & Beauty Product.
    It is the most wonderful product I have ever used.
    It works in the most surprising ways.
    It was introduced to me by a friend from Pimp My Pony on Facebook.
    Coconut Oil is kind & gentle on the digestive system.
    I use 2 teaspoons in warm milk for a good nights rest.
    Its great for joint mobility after walking 2km”s daily.
    It has helped me clear my sinuses and I can breathe easily.
    I have experienced clarity of mind just by using this product & I feel energised.
    Coconut Oil is great as a hair and skin conditioner.
    I hope someone else can benefit from using this Natural Organic product.

  10. Anonymous says

    I am on Dr. Esselstyn’s Food program for “Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease” and he permits absolutely no oils at all. I have read several books over the years on the fact that coconut oil is a very healthy oil, and I really liked using it before I started the Heart program.
    The story about the husband’s improvement in Alzheimer’s, due to using the oil, is fascinating!

    Now I am reading in various articles that if you have very low cholesterol, and need to INCREASE your cholesterol levels, you should use Coconut Oil. Are all these health improvements due to higher cholesterol levels ???

    I am thoroughly confused !! Any explanations ????

  11. Sara says

    I am very confused at this point !
    I have read many books about how healthy Coconut Oil is for most everyone…. and the recent story about the husband’s improvement in his Alzheimer’s situation after starting Coconut Oil was very heartening!

    Now I’m reading in various articles that if you have low cholesterol, and need to INCREASE your levels, you should use Coconut Oil !! Are all these healthy improvements due to higher cholesterol levels ???? Any explanations????

  12. HealthyOilGuy says

    Here’s how to use virgin coconut oil to give you beautiful, soft, thick hair – Massage the coconut oil directly onto freshly washed hair while it’s still wet. Allow the oil to absorb by letting it sit for about 30 minutes and then wash out. You may have to adjust the amount of oil you want in your hair; add too much and it will take longer for your hair to absorb the oil. Most people notice a dramatic difference in the health of their hair the next day after they’ve used coconut oil. Here’s more detailed steps to using coconut oil on hair.

  13. Christopher says

    i am from philippines where coconut tree is everywhere, i try also taking virgin coconut oil and it help cure my pneumonia and to my 2 kind

  14. Anonymous says

    Coconut oil does increase cholesterol level, but not the bad kind of choloesterol. The good kind! So take heart. : )

  15. Alain says

    The positive medical studies about coconut oil and cholesterol often come from India,Malaysia,Brazil…that are coconut oil growing areas!And the Western medical studies are radically different of the former! so,I don’t know really what to do; perhaps a personal experimentation, including my blood cholesterol tests.If I dare…

  16. Anonymous says

    I too am confused, where can I find concrete proof that the saturated fats in coconut oil are healthy? The more I look on line, the more confused I get!

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