Sweet Silence: Three Ways to Treat Tinnitus

Q:  In the last few years I have experienced intermittent bouts of tinnitus, which seems also to have caused a partial hearing loss. The tinnitus, especially, has proven to be hard to bear. Do you have any information on how to reverse these conditions or on what may bring them on?

Dr. Wright: Zinc, ginkgo, and vitamin B12 have each been found to at least partially reduce tinnitus. You could try taking one at a time or all three at once, depending on how disturbing the tinnitus is.

If you try zinc, use 30 milligrams three times daily for at least four to six months before deciding whether to continue, taper down, or quit (if it isn’t helpful.) As larger quantities of zinc can possibly cause a copper deficiency, it’s wisest to supplement with approximately two milligrams copper for every 30 milligrams of zinc.

Ginkgo is a very useful supplement for any of us who are at an age where improved “small blood vessel” circulation anywhere in the body could be helpful. Ginkgo can also be useful to reduce tinnitus. Try 80 milligrams of a “standardized” ginkgo preparation, again for four to six months.

Vitamin B12 has also shown effectiveness against tinnitus. However, for many of us over age 50, vitamin B12 is more difficult to absorb than when we were younger. That’s why you hear about “vitamin B12 shots,” but not B1, B2, or other B vitamin injections.

Fortunately, there’s now an over-the-counter oral vitamin B12 preparation (called a “liposomal delivery system”) that absorbs better than any other oral B12. It also contains folate, which research has found necessary to balance vitamin B12.

This liposomal B12 with folate is called “Pro-Bone-O” and is available in natural food stores, compounding pharmacies, and the Tahoma Clinic Dispensary. For at least four to six months, use a ½ dropperful (1,000 micrograms B12, 1,000 micrograms folate) once daily.

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Dr. Jonathan Wright

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  1. Anonymous says

    Here is a homeopathic remedy that I read about and tried it and it stopped the burning in 2 doses.
    Staphysagria 30C……. if it persists they recommended using 200C.

  2. wcbs101 says

    I am suffering with serere recurring urinary infection and chronic inflammation. I have the following nutrients d-mannose, corn silk, uri usea, and cranberry extract. How do I know these are the best ones out there? what other things can I use also in what form should each of them come in?
    what dose should I be taking? Should I take them all togethor or what instead? How long can I take each of these for? The doctor wants mre to take anti biotics for many months. I have done this and so far it hasnt helped what so ever.
    I am suffering with severe pain and burning. Its there all the time, nothing makes it any better in terms of the drugs I have taken so far.
    which brands are the best to take? There are so many out there. what should it say on the label for these nutrients above and below?

    I am also suffering with severe osteoporisis. iI taking vitamin d, strontium, calcium and magnesium. What other nutrients should I be taking for this? I have alot of pain and burning in my back and arms, legs, and feet. I know I should take the calcium and strontium seperately. How many hours apart should I take each of them? What dose should I be using? How long can I take each one for?
    Which brands should I be using? What should I look for on the ingredient label, so I know I am getting the highest possible substances there are? Which books sites and mags can I get more info in? Thanks for any help you can provide me with.
    PS: any additional questions or comments I will answer and appreciate.

  3. k131smith says

    Look into Olive Leaf Extract. HSI has written extensively on it, and if I’m not mistaken, so has Dr. Jonathan Wright. Especially if bacteria contribute to/cause your inflammation.

  4. Anonymous says

    This Post is supposed to refer to Tinnitus, so I don’t understand the prior posts. With regard to Tinnitus, the noise that individuals hear (if they can hear any noise at all) should NOT be looked upon as a malady, but as a sort of blessing.

    La things animate and inanimate have a vibrational rate and for those of you who are able to her this rate, it provides you with a marker by which to determine the extent of obstruction to internal energy flow and the actual location within mind that is reacting to this obstruction.

    Where the idea arose that hearing should somehow be capable of experiencing that absence of sound is a real misnomer. In effect, it is an impossibility. So instead of lamenting the fact that you are hearing what you consider to be disruptive sound, utilize this capability to your advantage and begin a meditative regime that involves focusing on the sound while encouraging its frequency to drop in octave.

    The result will be a release in mind body blockages and a gradual return to better health.

  5. Anonymous says

    Try to stop consuming all sugar related products. I have a friend that had the same problem as yourself, she stopped drinking pop and eliminated any possible sugar products and it cleared up almost overnight.



  6. Anonymous says

    I am surprised that Dr. Wright didn’t mention the possiblity of an acoustic neuroma being the casue of tinnitus. Any tinnitus, especially if it is in one ear and more especially if it is casueing any hearing loss should be evaluated for the possibility of this benign brain tumor. You should have your MD send you for an MRI with a contrast medium to rule out this type of tumor. If you don’t have the tumor then try all these other remedies if you wish, but don’t let it grow until you get into trouble.

  7. Greg says

    I have tinnitus constantly, may be related to TMJ after getting hit in the jaw when I was 10, or high blood pressure. Rings in both ears. 49 now. I haven’t always recognized it ringing, so it must be getting worse. I don’t listen to much music now, except when in the car. Not much has helped. I use ginko, zinc, B-12, B-complex, magnesium, others, to little relief.

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