Skin cancer rates rising at record pace

Skin cancer rates are skyrocketing at a shocking pace… and the so-called experts are STILL blaming the sun for a problem manufactured right here on earth.

New studies show that non-melanoma skin cancers hit more Americans than all other cancers combined, and five times as many people as breast or prostate cancer.

Here’s how bad it is: Two million Medicare patients are treated for these skin cancers every year. Skin cancer cases shot up 77 percent between 1992 and 2006, and they’re still increasing by 4.2 percent annually.

With numbers like that, you’d think even the experts might start to admit that we’ve been approaching this all wrong.

Of course not — because those same experts are making a killing off all those procedures!

Just listen to the researchers behind one of these studies, which you’ll find in the Archives of Dermatology. They’re urging people to spend even less time in the sun– and to slather on even more sunscreen if they do dare venture outdoors.

Is anyone paying attention here?

If the sun was REALLY causing skin cancer, and if sunscreen prevented it, we’d be cancer-free by now. We’re already spending less time outside than ever, and wasting billions of dollars a year on needless, dangerous creams and lotions.

Meanwhile, just a couple of generations ago, we spent far more time out in the sun and ZILCH on sunscreen — and skin cancer was practically unheard of.

One study last year spelled out what I’ve been saying all along: People with the highest levels of vitamin D have the lowest risk of skin cancer. Sure, you can get some of that from a pill… but historically, most people have gotten their D straight from the source: the sun.

Sunscreen not only blocks the sun and stops the body from making vitamin D… but common ingredients in that gooey garbage have actually been linked to cancer, along with birth defects and sex problems.

Forget the experts — their bad advice created this cancer explosion. Get outside more instead… just use a little common sense and head indoors when your skin starts to turn pink, and you’ll be just fine.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Are we still listening to this Sun Scare Tactics it is obvious they want us to provide them with a small fortune in buying harmful sunscreen creams and lotions and to avoid our natural vitamin D maker the Sun so we can get sick, therefore the cycle continue. JAM

  2. Tony IsaacsDquixote1217 says

    Certainly too much sun, especially on fair skinned people, can lead to skin cancers. On the other hand, sunlight is also one of very best ways to prevent skin cancer and other cancers too. Thanks to the great sun scare that mainstream doctors and the masses have have bought and been duped into, instead of people getting healthy amounts of natural sunlight, they instead either avoid the sun or else slather on sun block creams which block the beneficial rays of the sun and usually still let the harmful ones in. In many instances, such products also contain known and suspected carcinogens.

    The mainstream take was illustrated in an article in the India Times last week, where doctors said that pollution was blocking out sunlight and leading to disease due to low levels of vitamin D.

    The doctors suggested solution was mandatory vitamin D fortification. Forget doing anything about the polluters and the toxins that really cause cancer and other illness – not to mention more patients. Instead mandate fortification. But how helpful is that liable to be? Virtually all food fortification uses the counterfeit form of vitamin D instead of the natural form. Counterfeit vitamin D is unnatural, much less absorbable and provides less protection against cancer and other illness. On the other hand, studies have shown that such fortification leads to hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Hmmm . . . more patients and less health. Is there a pattern here?

    Keep up the good work, Doc. I am a fan and follower.

  3. alan says

    Even experts in vitamin D science like Dr. Holick say that the sun causes skin cancers. While denying this, Dr. Douglas acknowledges it by telling people to go inside when their skin turns pink. That is what the experts say- about 30 minutes or so in the sun, then get out. The epidemic of skin cancer is due to people staying out in the sun too long without applying skin block after the skin turns pink. A recent study in England showed that sunlight is the primary cause of genetic damage to skin.

  4. Anonymous says

    Actually Teriqua a good number of sunscreens are known to have chemicals with strong estrogenic actions and many experts believe that this may indeed cause sexual problems in both sexual development and sexual function. Not to mention that these same chemicals can increase cancer and birth defect risks.

    The problem is that the body is essentially unable to tell the difference between estrogenic chemicals and real estrogen (the key female hormone). So the body’s hormome receptors encounter the chemicals they are recognized as estrogen and get locked in. Think of it like a lock and key and only one key is supposed to fit…but this chemical imposter pushes its way in.

    The sexual effects can include:
    Sexual Identity Confusion /Feminization
    Breast Enlargement
    Smaller then normal penis size
    lowered sperm counts
    Undescended testicles

    So Dr. D. is right on with this one.

  5. Teriqua Jones says

    You lost me when you blamed sunscreen for sex problems?
    C’mon Doc, Humans all have a natural decline in sex drive. It goes with age. Or is that a facade as well?

    I have only read two of your stories so I don’t know your feelings on loss of libido with age. Or if you have horror stories to go with Viagra and such treatments.

    A couple generations ago, we had a fully intact Ozone layer providing some protection. At best our Ozone is patchy today. I have read about UVC rays now reaching the earth in small quantities. Not good.

    You are a lot of fun to make such public announcements!

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