Seaweed for protection against radiation

Here at Healthy Healing, we extend our deepest sympathies to everyone who has been affected by Japan’s deadly earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

In the wake of these events, I understand many of you have serious concerns about radiation fallout from the brewing crisis with Japan’s nuclear reactors. Our office has been inundated with questions on how to protect against radiation damage in the body since last week. I’m glad to report we do have some good news in light of all this destruction.

Seaweeds purify all the world’s oceans- they can do the same for your body. Seaweeds like kelp, dulse and Irish Moss can protect us from a wide range of toxic elements in the environment, including radiation by-products, converting them into harmless salts that our bodies can eliminate.

Natural iodine in seaweeds can reduce by almost 80% radioactive iodine-131 that is absorbed by the thyroid. Seaweeds are so effective that even the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommends that people consume two to three ounces of seaweeds a week (or 2 tbsp. of algin supplements a day) for maximum protection against radiation poisoning.

Although seaweeds contain the compounds that directly counteract carcinogens, most researchers believe that they also have value in boosting the body’s immune system so it can combat the carcinogens itself.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Do I hear an Amen for these wonderful natural elements that will protect us from all these manmade maddening atrocities now we are paying the piper, my prayers are for the people in Japan whom valiantly are enduring this tragedy. JAM

  2. esbearden says

    Just a question: The article says seaweed purifies the worlds’ oceans of toxins. Doesn’t that then mean the seaweed is full of the toxicity it has taken from the ocean? Can anyone answer this?

  3. The WEST Coast says

    Everyone in the U.S. will be fine. If you do not have potassium iodide pills or iodine drops, do not worry. There are several natural (and better) sources available to us. The first being sea vegetables, including seaweed/kelp. Also, strawberries, asparagus, bananas, barley, spinach, eggs, dairy, raisins, lima beans, swiss chard and sea salt are all natural sources of iodine. In fact, it is safer to consume higher amounts of iodine through natural sources anyway, and natural sources will have a higher bio-availability for our bodies and our thyroid.

    It is important to eat these foods BEFORE any radioactive material is present, as they will occupy iodine receptors in our bodies; and therefore not allow the radioactive iodine-131 to enter, stay and possibly do damage to the thyroid, but rather pass through rather harmlessly.

    If (and that IS an if…) the Easterly winds are carrying any radioactive material, it is thought that these winds may reach the U.S. either on the 17th or 18th. Consume natural iodine, take sodium bicarbonate and NAC, eat broccoli and turmeric, and you will be fine. Peace

  4. Anonymous 6 says

    esbearden, there is an old remedy called Bentonite Clay that goes way back to the old Native times to soothe and cure a lot of things that Natives used to suffer from. It still works today. Seaweed is alot like that. The way these things work has alot to do with chemical bonding. Bentonite, for example, has an ionic charge that attracts certain impurities like pesticides (and other chemicals) right out of the blood, neutralizes and bonds them up, then passes them right out of the body. Seaweed can do that as well, but in its own stage and to its own set of opponents. Eventually, the environment converts it into its own form of sustainable energy. Remember the oilspill in the Gulf? It’s a lot to convert, but eventually it will convert to something else useful to the world.

  5. Ocean is Life says

    Bentonite Clay contains Dioxins. Seaweed adsorbs pollutant in our body and our soil. This is seaweed task in nature: rescue our lives adsorbing contaminants, giving healthy nutrients, detoxifying. It does not boost the immune system. The Arsenic, if present in some seaweed, is not inorganic (therefore poisoning) but is Arsenosugar or Arsenobetain which will not be adsorbed by our body. YES, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead at high level in seaweed is a sign of contamination. Go for ORGANIC CERTIFIED SEAWEED. In this way you are sure about the absence of contaminants.
    It is not just eating seaweed that you will never get cancer, of course! But Organic Seaweed can only be good for you while chemical drugs will lead to worse diseases.
    If you are alergic to Jodine is not a problem because there are seaweed which have no Jodine at all. Ocean is our last hope!

  6. Neri Kawashima says

    Seaweeds are staple foods in Japan, wakame,kelf(konbu),Hijiki,Nori etc. Maybe it is the reason that the Japanese are calm facing radiation exposure because we have sufficient Iodine in the body.Japanese love eating foods from the sea.

  7. Rory says

    Consuming seaweed will in the vast majority of cases actually increase doses of radioactive Iodine. It is naturally present in seawater in small amounts and is concentrated in many types of seaweed. The claim that “natural iodine in seaweeds can reduce by almost 80% radioactive iodine-131 that is absorbed by the thyroid” is true only in the event of exposure to a massive dose, such as may be present in the immediate vicinity of a nuclear disaster. Thus it is ‘recommended’ for those who may actually be at risk. The notion that mainland USA is at risk from Iodine-131 from Fukushima, 5000 miles to the west, is breathtakingly ignorant. Clips of US news readers discussing the ‘nuclear threat’ to the west coast are still playing around the world as pieces of comedy. Keep up the good work and keep us all laughing – perhaps a discussion on how organic carrots help protect against alien invasion?

  8. Anonymous says

    HI…I know seaweed is good but where do we get it from…not from Japan. Wherer are people buying there seaweed from.

  9. Anonymous says

    You know what? The east coast of the Americas is NOT safe. It’s economic warfare. The levels of an isotope was found to be 18,000x the limit in SanFran drinking water. You’re not safe there. At the very least, move your kids. They don’t deserve to suffer for your lack of judgement/knowledge. Ignorance is bliss, but from now on it also means extinction. The best thing you can do is educate yourself, then help others find the framework to let them educate themselves. Jersey Shore wont save us.

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