Roll-on testosterone approved with boxed warning

The FDA just approved underarm roll-on testosterone, even though this brand new product already comes with a boxed warning. That’s right. Before it even hits pharmacy shelves, Axiron comes with some pretty serious cautions.

The most important of which is this: Do not touch anyone after you’ve rolled on your underarm testosterone. That means no hugging your kids and grandchildren, or you could cause them severe damage.

And then there are all the problems this product might cause you, ranging from increased PSA levels to worse BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) symptoms to increased red blood cells (which can increase stroke risk) to vomiting and diarrhea. Oh, and did I mention that Axiron is flammable?!

If you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels, there are much safer ways to do it–ways that won’t endanger you or your family, and that are not flammable.

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Michele Cagan

Michele Cagan is an alternative health researcher and reporter. Ms. Cagan authored the alternative health book, Act 50 Think 40 Feel 30 - The Doctor's Secrets to Living Younger Everyday(Agora Health Books), with Allan Spreen, M.D.

Ms. Cagan is also a contributing writer and researcher for Health Science Institute

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  1. tony d says

    If the FDA approved this it must be a synthetic, patentable product and the unboxed warning should be, “Use of this product will enhance your good looks and sexual prowesss but expect yourself to be a good-looking corpse at an earlier age”

    According to what I have read, bio-identical testosterone, dosed properly will produce a gentler anti-aging effect and if compounded and applied correctly with the right cream or sublingually it will be incorporated quickly into the blood so it will be okay to hug your loved ones in a few minutes. It will also reduce your PSA levels according to John Lee, MD

  2. Lyles says

    Kelly, birth control pills are not bio-identical. They are synthectic and mimmic menopause. All pharmacutical drugs can cause cancer. They are foreign to the body. Bio-identical hormones are compounded to be identical to what our body makes naturally. Big difference.

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