The real truth about Egg Beaters

If you whipped up a nice omelet made with Egg Beaters this morning, we need to talk.

Thirty years ago, researchers compared Egg Beaters to farm fresh eggs. For six weeks, they fed one group of lab rats nothing but Egg Beaters. They fed the other group of rats nothing but fresh eggs. You can probably guess what happened.

The Egg Beater rats at six weeks looked scrawny, stunted, and malnourished. They went on to develop many abnormalities and all died long before maturity. The rats fed nothing but fresh eggs on the other hand looked grew into perfect specimens of health.

In a picture published at the time, you saw a striking difference between the two rats at six weeks. One rat, the fresh egg rat, grew to almost three times the size of the Egg Beater rat.

Now, I’m not saying that if you eat Egg Beaters you’ll die before your time. But I certainly wouldn’t consider them more nutritious than regular eggs. In fact, real eggs are superior in every way to Egg Beaters, which contain emulsifiers and artificial ingredients.

Plus, your body really does need the egg yolk. Some experts call the egg yolk nature’s perfect food source. The sulfur found in the yolk is especially important and hard to get elsewhere. Not only does it help your skin, it helps to repair and renew damaged cells throughout your body. It also promotes the growth of new cells.

Just make sure to hard boil your eggs or cook them over easy. This will keep the yolk intact and will preserve all the nutrients. Plus, when you heat the egg yolk and then expose it to air, the cholesterol turns toxic. But when the yolk stays intact, you don’t have this problem.

(If you’re still concerned about eggs and their cholesterol, take a look back at this post. You’ll soon see that cholesterol isn’t nearly as bad as Big Pharma wants us to believe!)

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Dr. Allan Spreen

Dr. Allan Spreen

Nationally acclaimed as America’s “Nutrition Physician,” Dr. Spreen has been helping people stay healthy and disease-free as a private doctor, published author, and noted researcher.

In addition to his role as a Senior Member of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Spreen also coaches diving at the international and Olympic levels. NorthStar Nutritionals is proud to have Dr. Spreen as our Chief Research Advisor.

Dr. Spreen also writes the Guide to Good Health.

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  1. Boomer12k says

    I thought Egg Beaters and other egg substitutes are for people who cannot have real eggs, not that everybody should eat them. I can’t have gluten. So I substitute. Before my intestinal damage, and Grave’s Disease, I could eat anything gluten without much difficulty.
    Some people maybe that way with real eggs. I had a friend who was actually allergic to natural foods!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got sick if she ate any type of fresh fruit. But was OK with a Burger and Fries!!!!!!!!! No kidding!!!!
    Of course I agree, they are probably less nutritious, they are a processed food.

    Be well and happy, and eat what is right for YOU!!!!

  2. says

    Good article, but disagree on just hard boiling eggs. Egg whites fully cooked while keeping the yolks intact and in a near natural state is the ideal way to eat an egg (soft boiled or poached). The yolk getting exposed to air for the short period it takes to eat it will not affect it much, especially in the absence of heat. Scrambling is the worst possible option. Having them every once in a while is not what I would consider toxic. Not recommended as a regular fare though.

  3. Lori says

    I’m not fully convinced about the yolk becoming toxic when scrambled. Egg yolks are full of antioxidants that help prevent the cholesterol from becoming oxidized. I prefer hard boiled myself, but I don’t think someone should stop eating eggs if they like them scrambled. Egg beaters should be taken off the market. Talk about toxicity! If someone can’t eat eggs for whatever reason (although the cholesterol in an egg IS NOT why someone shouldn’t eat it), then they should just not eat them. It’s important to remember, too, that egg yolks contain all the fat soluble nutrients and minerals an egg has to offer. They should be farm -fresh, from roaming chickens. And don’t pay attention to ads that talk about higher omega-3s and less saturated fats. They’re marketing a substandard product.

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