Natural Prostate Care: What Every Man Younger and Older Than 60 Should Know

A wise man would begin natural prostate care as early in his life as possible. Men are developing more complaints such as erectile dysfunction, urination problems, fertility issues, and not to mention the rise in cases of prostate cancer.

Here are some things daddy may not have mentioned when it comes to taking care of the family jewels.

A Manly Meal = A Healthy Meal

The absolute hands down best way to take care of the family jewels is through diet. If the diet is poor the jewels won’t thrive.

A diet that is too high in meat, dairy and starches and not high enough in vegetables and fruits will greatly tax the body and affect the prostate region. They should be reduced and even cut as much as possible and replaced with fruits and vegetables. If you are concerned about getting iron, protein and calcium, there are a wealth of vegetables available that will supply those nutrients and minerals plus more including beans, whole grains, and green vegetables. It is also good to eat the foods that are in season in the area you live in. They supply your body with what it needs in accordance to the season and environment.

Men who are sexually active should double up on fruits and vegetables high in zinc because he loses about 3mg when he ejaculates.

Nature always has our best interest available. That is why there are certain foods that are awesome for prostate care.

Some of them include:

1. Watermelon

2. Blueberries

3. All green vegetables especially spinach, cabbage, and broccoli

4. Tomatoes

5. Carrots

Change is Good- Implementing is Better

Those diet changes coupled with other life style changes and practices will be good for men who are proactive about their prostate care.

6. Getting more Sun Shine for vitamin D

7. Drinking more Alkaline Water for pH balance and adequate hydration

8. Taking Weekly Detox Baths which include sea salt, and essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, parsley, and hyssop. This is good for drawing impurities from the body.  There are ready made soak packages available.

9. Keeping laptops off of the lap and away from the prostate region unless protected with a diode. A diode is used to offset radiation emitting from the laptop.

Herbs are for the Healing of the Body:

These herbs are what a man would want to include in his diet for optimum prostate care

10. Pumpkin Seed

11. Stinging Nettle

12. Saw Palmetto

13. Horny Goat Weed

14. Alfalfa

15. Black Walnut Hulls

Consuming these herbs separately is good but consuming them together in a combination formula is much more effective.

Doing these things will help men to fight impurities and to maintain optimum health.


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Jessica Williams

Jessica Erin is an entrepreneur. She owns 3 online businesses, each covering the subjects of health and relaxation. She graduated top of her college class and has undergone 25 months of intense independent study on alternative health and living.

Her largest health project involves her mother who is overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, a brain aneurysm, stroke, severe acid reflux and low body weight. She wants to help everyone she meets.

Jessica holds her Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Belhaven College in Jackson, MS. She daily seeks to fill her life’s purpose of inspiring people to take charge of their own lives and not wait for the "right" time. She believes people ought to be more responsible for themselves and become more proactive about their health, their lives, and their society.

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  1. says

    So once again we have to endure an attack on meat and dairy products. People who write this nonsense should pay more attention to the comments by the Healthy Skeptic, by Dr. Wm Campbell Douglass, and by others. Animal products are good for you. One extremist has limited his diet strictly to protein–no fruits and vegetables at all. He’s in his seventies and looks half his age. Attacks on fat and meat are just another manifestation of the exceedingly tiresome “green” movement. Give me red, as in meat; yellow, as in egg yolks; white, as in chicken and egg whites. Green has its place–I love broccoli–but fat is essential, as is protein. In seven years of reading material from the folks in the complementary and alternative health circles, I have never before seen meat and dairy products (nobody says “products” anymore: too d—- lazy). implicated in prostate problems.

  2. raphael lemmens says

    more vegetables and more fruits means more chemical intake if you dont find organic produce in your region. What about this chemicals ?

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