The most important nutrient you’ve never heard of

"They" say you can’t turn back the clock, can’t cheat Father Time and there’s no such thing as the Fountain of Youth.

But who the heck are "they" — and when did we start listening to them anyway?

The fact is, your body already knows EXACTLY how to turn back the clock and reverse the aging process — and it never forgets.

It’s just missing a key ingredient it needs to do the job right.

That missing link is l-GT — a nutrient so powerful that scientists refer to it as "the master antioxidant." It plays a major role in not only keeping you young and beautiful, but managing the life and death of every single cell in your body.

‘Master antioxidant’ reverses aging

A new analysis in Natural Medicine Journal looked at many of the 81,000 studies on l-GT published over the past 100 years, and in addition to confirming the links to health and youth, the researchers found that most people don’t get nearly enough.

That’s because l-GT production practically shuts down as you get older, leaving you with just a fraction of what you need — and that’s when you start to look your age.

Studies have found that optimum levels are around 250 mg a day — but most people get just 35 mg.

That’s a heckuva shortfall — and it shows in every line on your face.

So what happens when you do get what you need? In one randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, volunteers given 500 mg of l-GT a day for just four weeks had noticeable and significant improvements in skin tone when compared to those who got the dummy supplement.

But since l-GT works from the inside out, the benefits are more than just skin deep: It also kicks disease-causing toxins right out of your body.

It’s like a bouncer at an exclusive club that invites the young and beautiful in…and keeps the thugs out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: If all this has been confirmed by 81,000 studies over 100 years, why the heck haven’t I heard of it?

Simple: It’s not really in anyone’s interest to sell this stuff to you.

It’s available over-the-counter, so there’s no motive for drug makers. And since it would literally spell the death of expensive anti-aging creams and lotions — some of which will actually damage your skin, not save it — the cosmetics industry won’t touch it.

So that leaves my team.

We’re working on a new anti-aging blend that’s going to knock your socks off — and of course, l-GT will be at its heart.

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  1. Helen says

    Sombody wants a little cream
    I heard that the red coffe bean hulls have the most antioxidents going but they got to find a way of using it
    am I right —–
    am I wrong ___

  2. Janbo says

    I’d love to know if this anti oxidant is currently available in health Food Stores and, if so, is it sold under a brand name?

    Jan B

  3. AnonymousHa Ha Ha good one! says

    In previous articles we learned that glutathione is found in raw egg yolk and also whey. As far as this product he is talking about, don’t hold your breath, I don’t think he is going to tell us.

  4. ZedeZ says

    Eat more RAW broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, and most importantly garlic and onion.
    Supplements that boost levels of Glutathione:

    Alpha lipoic acid.

    There is a supplement for selenium, which also helps with GL, called eXselen, by Embria.
    Selenium supplement should be in the form of SELENOMETHIONINE.

  5. John H says

    For those of you who are wondering what I- GT is, Glutathione is what is being discussed. It is referred to as the master anti-oxident. It crosses the blood/brain barrier. A wholistic Dr. recently had me start using it. First, I have it added to my IV bag when I am having EDTA Chelation therapy. Secondly, there is a liquid product called ReadiSorb which is liposomal Glutathione. My understanding is that glutathione taken orally as a dietary supplement is destroyed by the stomach acids and does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. But in liposomal form, it is somehow encapsulated and gets nito the bloodstream. One teaspoon per day, 5 ml, is the daily supplement. It has a slightly sulphurish taste.

  6. Lori says

    ZedeZ – Those vegetables should be lightly cooked. And with some fat. Vegetables high in carotenes need to have protein bonds broken for us to take advantage of the nutrients. That’s done through cooking.

  7. Rob says

    I think K is referring to “Proanthocyanadin” In red grapes/wine,
    a powerful anti-oxidant I use a Neo-Cell supplement.
    And yes, whey is an essential for everyday.
    I haven’t been sick all year and I think it is because of the epicor I have been taking. Decided to use myself as a test case this winter. I usually have all sorts of crap by now–sinus colds ,etc..

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