Michael Douglas Throat Cancer Cure

Actor Michael Douglas recently stunned a television audience with the announcement that he has “late stage IV throat cancer.”

Actually, “throat cancer” isn’t a medical term. Several different kinds of cancer can involve different parts of the throat and mouth.

Michael Douglas says he has a walnut-sized tumor at the base of his tongue. That’s an oropharyngeal cancer.

Why do people get it? Well, as I have written before, half of us will get some kind of cancer in our lifetime. He just got this one. But the known risk factors are smoking and drinking – not so much separately but bad when both come together.

However doctors are seeing a sudden general rise in oropharyngeal cases. Not all smoke and drink. Some victims do neither.


Almost certainly it’s due to the human papillomavirus — HPV, the sexually transmitted virus best known as a cause of cervical cancer and genital warts. Unfortunately, that will call for mass inoculations of Gardasil, from the fools or flunkeys who claim this will help.

Gardasil is a dangerous vaccine and shouldn’t be given even to horses and pigs, never mind humans.

Many of us not only survived but thrived through the “sexual revolution.” We have enjoyed the resulting frank and liberating sex, but are now being faced with some unanticipated results of that revolution. More and more cancers are found to be virus-mediated. The trouble is there are often decades between the infection and the tumor.

If caught in its early stages, this “throat cancer” can be cured 85% of the time by surgery or radiation. But sadly for Douglas (and Catherine), his doctors have diagnosed “late stage IV” cancer. It’s not good.

“For the advanced stage IV cancers, it depends on the situation with the lymph nodes in the neck,” Har-El says. “There is over a 60% chance of remission if it has not spread to the lymph nodes. But if it already has spread to the lymph nodes in the neck, the odds of remission are more like 40% or 30%.”

Douglas says his cancer has spread to his head and neck, but that his doctors say his odds of survival are 80%. Some of that is just pet talk. But people have beaten the most deadly odds. Let’s see if Douglas can.

What To Do To Protect Yourself From Throat Cancer

Get checked if you develop any obvious symptoms:

  • Pain in the throat pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear pain (which is actually pain from the base of the tongue referred to the ear)
  • Bleeding in the mouth or throat
  • Hoarseness, especially persisting 3 weeks or more
  • A lump in the throat, or the feeling that something is stuck in the throat

Even if it ends up that you have something stupidly ordinary in the end if you smoke and drink it’s worth a trip to the doctor to get checked out. Let him take on the hassle of figuring out whether you should be worried. It’s not your job to re-assure yourself when he’s the one who is the expert!

You can visit the National Cancer Institute website for some additional information on oropharyngeal cancers.

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Dr. Keith Scott Mumby

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD is the author of several books, including “Diet Wise” and “Virtual Medicine”. He’s British by birth but now resides in California.  Learn more at www.alternative-doctor.com.

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  1. SP says

    Did I miss something? Or was this article edited?

    First, I’m assuming that he is referring to getting this type of HPV-related cancer to oral sex.

    But where is the “cure” promised in the headline?

    Is the “cure” supposed to be the chemo and radiation he is touting? That’s an eventual death sentence, not a cure.

    As Burger King might say, “Where’s the ‘cure’?”

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree with the above comment..I had all sorts of the C and fixed it all naturally..without the chemo or radiation..I know of over 1000 people who had stage 3 & 4 and now no longer have it..doing it all naturally..there are so maney ways to help yourself in all matters of health..some have been knowned since 1929..but they can not patened or make millions of $$ so you don’t know about them ..unless you do some research yourself..In Love & Light

  3. Dr DahlerDr Dahler says

    For 32 years now I have successfully cured my own cancer with the advice and application of the protocols of the late Drs. Donald Kelley and Virginia Livingston.
    Since Michael Douglas is not likely going to ask me about how their protocols were so successful and would have been for him, I will give this audience a generic short view of how Michael should have gone about his cure.
    Cancer is multifactorial in causation, pathology and in ways of reversing this process.
    As a surgeon I have dealt with countless cancers in others who asked me to help them in their moments of extreme needs. I offer this basic advice and promise to soon have Alice publish a detailed intelligently designed approach any of us can use as prevention as well as reversing. Because what cures an illness also finds its uses in prevention thereof.
    Michael should have been adviced to start cleaning and repairing his liver as it is very likely that he also has liver cancer. The liver is usually the first one “to get it”, but it is deeper in the body and harder to detect. When one has cancer in one area, the whole body is cancerous, it just happened to have currently been shown in his throat-mouth area.
    The HPV as mentioned, combined with tobacco and alcohol use over a period of years are three deadly combinations which came to a pinnacle.
    The damage done to cells of the head and neck area has released the internal cellular materials. These are the antigens which the body now is fighting with autoantibodies.
    Leaving these to their own course, will prevent the proper healing of this area and local cells there will not be able to die naturally, which is called apoptosis.
    Their only option is to start growing in an uncontrolled manner.
    This is bad Life Energy for such an area, and is concept that needs appreciation.
    To be able to stop an early cancer growth there are available “tissue specific cellular determinants”. These effectively gobble up the antigens in the area of the damaged-dead throat cells, leaving the OK cells to repair themselves without interference.
    If a tumor has spread to elsewhere, it is likely that the free-floating antigens from the throat settled there and started another tumor.
    To repair the cells in the throat and possibly the metastasized areas, a full spectrum-Complex version of vit.C and A would be adviced. Certainly the tissue specific for the liver determinants should be called for. Without a healthy liver no healing will be successful!
    Daily colon cleansings as per the Gerson clinic protocol (and that of many others) is needed. Death starts in the colon is no trite statement!
    Juice all natural green foods of certified organic origin is critical 3 times per day. NO fruits initially! (too much easily available sugar which Cancer cells happily feed on!)
    The proper Vit D-3, Calcium Lactate or Citrate, and Essential fatty acids, as well as a Lactic Acid Yeast preparation to make the colon acidic so the calcium and other minerals can be proeprly absorbed is called for. Juiced Green foods’ fibers help acidify the colon also.
    Since a cancer diagnosis implies an exhausted or totally failed Immune Alliance (there is NOT a one entity Immune System in your body!) supplying tissue specifc determinants for the thymus gland, spleen, long bones, stomach, and liver (the largest members of the Immune Alliance), and the parotid gland as well as supplying probiotics is critical.
    Respecting the thyroid glands contribution to keeping the just mentioned Alliance in shape, Iodine provided in a protein base is also needed.
    There are more steps in this protocol, but I promised only a short-cut version.
    May you avoid the process of cancer from going out of hand.
    Afterall, while you read this, thousands of cancer cells were forming inside you. It is a matter of how well you are able to destroy them quickly.

  4. robbie whitehead says

    if any one can reach michael douglas ,i cured my brother with 4th stage throat cancrr with GRAVIOLA liquid they told us to call in hospice ,i got the info about graviola from health science institute , 4 mo. later no sign of cancer,,,,amen.GOD and health science inst. 3yr now still no cancer 256-760-0300

  5. Anonymous says

    Some people read and do not comprehend look and do not see. Sarah L you should do as you suggested I do not know about Michael Douglas but most politicians actors and so on, they consider us as the little people do you think they would listen to us? Maybe, but not likely, I thank Dr Dahler. Robbie Whitehead I heard about Graviola and here is proof about natures properties that no lab in the world today and tomorrow can copy they have tried and when they could not copy they buried all these good information and continue with their unorthodox practices and their GREED JAM

  6. Samuel says

    Hey Sarah L. You are rude and a true skeptic. Robbie said he went to HSI for research and what greater proof than a cure from a stage IV cancer. O ye of little faith! You sound like the FDA. Cut, poison and burn…die!

  7. Sarah.L says

    Well then why aren’t you letting his agent know this? He/she could pass the info onto Michael Douglas. Though, where’s the proof it actually works? Ever done such an experiment?

  8. sirajul says

    Both the article by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, and Dr. Dahler’s response was educative. Readers can make informed choices reading the articles.

  9. Hendog 54901 says

    H2O2 THERAPY!! How is it that this is overlooked by “almost” every Dr. in this Country? If you flood your body with O2 you create an environment that ALL DISEASE cannot live in. It is THEE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do DAILY and it costs pennies!! I picked up the Book “The One Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh and this info has changed the life of many I have CONVINCED to do this. One of my friends has Prostrate cancer and his Dr. was ready to slice & dice, his PSA levels were very high, I got him to do something besides Cranberry juice, he (RELUCTENTLY) decided to give the H2O2 a try and this (in his own words) was the best thing he could have done! His last 2 visits to the Dr. has the dr. scratching his head..His PSA’s have gone way down and he’s feeling healthy for the first time in years! He looks forward to drinking it 3 times a day, he also started a wonderful supplement “PROSTABEL” about a month ago. You can read about this supplement in the Health Sciences Institutes March Edition (vol. 14, No.9) I myself have been doing the H2O2 Therapy for 14 months and I know in my heart that I will be doing this daily for the rest of my life. And my 4 dogs and 3 cats (all teenagers now) have been on it for 6 months now. and it has been a God Send to them as well..they have more energy and less arthritic pains then they did 3 years ago!! I water my plants with it too..it really is true what they say about O2…the more you have in you the healthier you become. It dont matter who or what you are. Do yourself a favor..go get yourself some 35% FOODGRADE H202 and start getting your body to heal itself. I have numerous success stories about those who have decided to do this, let me put it this way..EVERYONE who has started this has thanked me for bringing them this information. Check out drinkh2o2.com or get the One Minute Cure book and pass it around to everyone you can. Its really sad to see these “Health Care Professionals” who have a line of supplements to sell never whisper a word about this..it will take $ out of their pockets and they know this..and Big Pharma is going to do something soon to those who sell Food Grade H2O2..this stuff CURES or prevents from disease taking place..and we cant have that now can we?? Its a BILLION $ industry. God Bless and Great Health.

  10. ussmls says

    Hendog 54901, I have suffered from a bone infection since 1983, I was exposed to staff & the other bugs in a navy hospital. The place was a pig pen compared to the navy hospital I was at in Orlando Fl. after over 40 + times under the knife,I have decided to try the food grade H2O2 treatments.Not only has this bone infection led to more medical problem(7 ruptured disk,PV blood disease,bone mass loss,now a possible stroke or heart attack,they don’t know yet) I am feed up with these money hungry docs that only push more Pain meds,Morphine 90mg 3 times a day,Plavix,Aspirin,no exercise & the same old crap,there is no cure because we have tried every antibiotic there is that has done more damage to my body than if the would have cut my leg off when I begged them too in 1984!
    If you have any other data or links to web sites,or other peoples WHO USE of food grade H202, PLEASE LIST THEM ON THIS SITE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP & TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH!

  11. Anonymous says

    I do not know why people are skeptical when it comes to H2O2 therapy, open your ears open your eyes, concentrate, for what I am about to tell you is true science, and the facts are facts, why do you think our system is designed to produce H2O2 as the first line of defense quote unquote, just for the HECK of it, no, and when did any medication cure anything, never, the idea is when they introduce crap like that they are hopping that our system will gear up and throw all of its defenses and begin curing itself, that is why the natural approach is always better, any comments from a Dr would be nice. Meanwhile people, be on the lookout for bogus information when it comes to Big-Pharma drugs. JAM

  12. ZedeZ says

    another excellent book on oxygen related therapies that have been in use since 1920s, is Flood Your Body with Oxygen” by Ed McCabe.
    Highly recommend everyone to have it.

  13. Hendog 54901 says

    USSMIS..you MUST get on H2O2 Therapy NOW! Theres not a doubt in my mind you will be going through a Healing Crisis as your body is DETOXING…but stick with it. You MUST do whatever it takes to NATURALLY Detox your body..there are many awesome formulas out there that are worth every penny you will spend on them. All Day Energy Greens is a wonderful product that I take daily, and in less then a week I could feel the difference, in fact this is one of the way I get my H2O2 fix in the AM. I add 10 drops to the drink and slug it down..its actully very delishious. If you take Detoxing your body seriously and getting your pH levels to the point where they are ALKALIZED and not ACIDIC you will begin to heal from the inside out. Check out http://www.ivlproducts.com and get going on a full body detox. I know that once your body has turned around and you are no longer a disease breeding ground (thats what everyones body is if its low on O2 and Acidic !) you are going to be unable to not share your results with anyone that will listen!! They will think your a little nuts, because how can something so simple be so effective, and yet the AMA and FDA has convinced the vast majority of the population that this is yet another case of a Snake Oil we should avoid at all costs??? Big PHARMA the AMA and the FDA ALL SLEEP IN THE SAME BED!! Give me the OIL of the Snake ANYDAY…its SOoooooo much safer then the “SNAKE VENOM” that the above Bed Fellows make BILLIONS on. And everyone of their dirty little pills are LIVER TOXIC, and THATS a Fact. I wish you the very best USSMIS..just get busy doing things all natural from here on in. God Bless and Great Health to you.

  14. Waterdog says

    I have been using H2O2 for 2 1/2 years and am totally convinced of it’s healing power. I had a severe urinary tract infection and had been on three courses of antibiotics,each worse than the last. My Doctor wrote me a scrip. for an even stronger drug,but when I took the first pill,I thought I was going to die.I threw them away and started the H2O2 protacal,and withinfour days was completely healed. When I saw my Doctor and was tested,he asked me how bad I had reacted to the medicine and I told him. His reply was “Well it knocked the infection out really quick,You are infection free. I explained that I threw the stuff out and used H2O2,and he raised both hands up and said “Oh My God” Not that stupid stuff again. I now have a different Doctor. P.S. I rinse my mouth with it everytime I brush my teeth,and my Dentist says I have the whitest teeth,and healthiest gums ,he has ever seen on a sixty three year old man. Spread The Word !!!!!!

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