Mental and Cognitive Health

Hidden Cause of Cognitive Decline Lurks in Your Arteries

It seems that clogged arteries can be bad for more than just your heart. According to a recent article published by the American Heart Association (AHA), clogged arteries can also affect blood flow to your brain and cause dementia.

Mental illness is not ‘all in the mind’

Psychiatry is supposed to help people with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. That’s the idea anyway.

Release Your Mind to Relieve Your Pain!

There are more causes for pain other than physical injury, as you well know. Why is it that despite high-tech surgeries and low-tech massage, weekly handfuls of pain killers and structured physical therapy routines, people are still suffering? Their pain continues…

Seeing the light: Shedding full-spectrum light on ADHD

Question: I have read a good amount of your advice on managing ADHD with nutrition. Do you have any other advice?

The 7 deadly Alzheimer's sins they don't tell you

Despite Big Pharma's best attempts... drugs can't cure or even reverse Alzheimer's disease (AD). To make matters worse, the mainstream press makes it sound like there's no earthly way to prevent it.

But that's a crock.

The Rest of the Stress Story

Holey Moley, Chester, be careful out there!

As you know, stress is the big kahuna of problems nowadays. And maybe stress-R-you. But just because somebody says something’s good for stress doesn’t mean you should take it. You need to know the rest of the story.

Dopey ruling on medical marijuana

So let's get this straight: Uncle Sam says you can gobble up addictive and dangerous painkillers until you're a crazed, self-medicating, drug-addled junkie -- but smoke a little pot on your doctor's advice, and you'll go directly to jail.

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Aspartame is Dangerous-The FDA Thinks That's OK

Former pharmaceutical sales rep. Gwen Olsen talks about the health dangers of Aspartame and shares the shocking story about how the FDA finally approved the artificial sweetener after sixteen years of denials based on a mountain of negative clinical data.

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How a Whale and A Mariachi Band Can Help You Heal

Ah, the power of music.

It’s said that it can soothe the savage beast. And while I’m not at all sure that a beluga whale even classifies as a savage beast…especially a sweet-natured fella like this one…one thing IS certainly clear from this video, and that’s that this beast…savage or not…is a music lover.

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Fatty acids prove "essential" for ADHD

Question: My grandson was just diagnosed with ADHD. His doctor, of course, is suggesting Ritalin. Is this the only option?