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Top 10 Healthy Alkalizing Foods for Healthy pH Balance

"Corrina explains why we want to eat more alkaline-forming foods and try to limit acid-forming foods from our diets. She then counts down the top 10 healthiest, alkaline-forming foods that we should be eating.

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Could wearing dentures lead to brain damage?

It began with something so mild, she probably thought it would pass within minutes.

Anne Coffman felt a numbness in her toes. No big deal. But it didn't pass.

Heading Off Dementia May Be Easier Than You Thought

I’ve written before that my experience is that individuals believe their physical health and wellbeing is generally much more controllable than their mental function. Many believe, for example, that lifestyle modification can keep, say, heart disease or type 2 diabetes at bay, but that their risk of dementia is essentially in the lap of the gods.

Low Levels of Omega 3 May Increase Suicide Risk

In a recent study (August 2011) published online in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, it was found that low levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the major omega-3 fatty acid concentrated in the brain might increase suicide risk.

The Obesity-Depression Link

The association between obesity and depression has been well-established, with several studies examining the correlation. Some research suggests that there is a direct relationship—obesity can lead to depression and vice versa.

Celebrating Life vs Avoiding Death

When one first gets a diagnosis of cancer, they enter a state of shock, for the word cancer literally means dying to most of us. More people die of heart disease than cancer but cancer has much more fear attached to it, thanks to the plethora of misinformation around.

B Vitamins Dramatically Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease cases are growing at an unprecedented rate with new cases expected to double by the year 2030. A news release from Alzheimer’s Disease International considers this the single most significant health and social crisis of the 21st century.

How Being a “Good Parent” Is Destroying Your Kid’s Health

Growing up, every kid in my house knew the rule.

My mother would call out to us as we tumbled out the front door with skates, bikes, and balls in tow, “Remember to be home…” And we would finish her sentence for her in unison, “…when the streetlights come on!”

This is your brain at risk

It's dangerous and unnecessary and I won't allow any products with it in my house.

Sure, that could be food coloring, hydrogenated oils, HFCS or any number of poisons the mainstream defends at all costs. But if you know me at all, you know I'm talking about acetaminophen.

3 Simple Steps for Warding off the Season-Change Blahs

While it is common to experience more stress and episodes of depression during the cooler months due to the shift in weather, minimal sunlight and looming holiday stress, there are a few tools that may help you fight off the cooler-weather blues.

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