Mental and Cognitive Health

Can Animals Safeguard Your Brain?

Researchers are unraveling the mystery of Alzheimer's. The latest research points to a solution from a natural di-peptide. It's found in human brain tissues. And it reduces the formation of the amyloid beta protein associated with Alzheimer's.

Tiny secret boosts mood and busts stress

Many people turn to chocolate when they’re feeling blue. But a recent study suggests they might be better off reaching for something smaller… much, much smaller.

Boost Your Health With 15 Foods High in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant compound that aids the body in neutralizing the harmful after-effects of oxidation of fats.

Current research is even looking into the important role that this vitamin plays in stopping free-radical production, a key method of preventing the development of chronic diseases and aging. It is also a vital element in the overall maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Creating health and curing cancer are not the same!

Hello and welcome, this is for those people who have discovered that they have cancer and have a determined desire to be cancer free and healthy. This will only appeal to a minority of cancer sufferers, those that want a deeper understanding and are willing to change. This article is related to ‘The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process’, this is the essential process that one needs to undergo, in order to be healthy and healed from cancer.

Just One a Day Keeps an Aging Brain at Bay

The latest research says that one fruit may really have huge health benefits. At least for folks fighting the effects of Alzheimer's disease (AD). This is welcome news for some 36 million people worldwide with the disease.

“What Was Julia Roberts Like?”

The most famous man in Bali right now is Ketut Leyir. He’s the healer who became famous because he was in the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love.

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Music Soothes the Savage Beast and Cows prefer Jazz

A favorite topic of mine is the power of music to help us heal and stay healthy.

I’ve shown you…

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Of Cancer and Healing

The human being is certainly a complex animal. In fact, all animals’ bodies are highly complex organisms, even a single cell is unfathomably complex and we each have 50 trillion of them. When we consider the mind and consciousness then we add more layers to the complexity.

Greeks Knew All About Rosemary Benefits

Did You Know…Rosemary a fragrant herb native to the Mediterranean region has many benefits it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory, mental performance, concentration–and even have a significant effect on your test-taking ability?

Discover The Health Benefits Of Sauna

People living in Finland and Sweden already know it - sauna therapy is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and stress, while promoting relaxation, contentment and peace of mind. However, saunas and steam-baths are much more than just leisure products. Other health benefits of using sauna include muscle relaxation, detoxification and glowing healthy skin.

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