How To Measure Your Thyroid Hormone Properly

Tired, depressed, and overweight? It could be your thyroid!

America’s Pharmacist Suzy Cohen, RPh tells you the secret to testing your thyroid hormone the correct way. This is a big deal, because if this vital hormone isn’t measured properly, you may remain overweight, depressed, fatigued, cold, losing your hair, and in pain.

Watch this, and learn the missing link behind why you may be struggling with health problems even if your doctor has told you that your thyroid levels are fine.

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Alice Wessendorf

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  1. says

    I am the poster child she talks of in the video. Not drastically overweight, but the rest. I am looking into desicated pig thyroid to get more t3, t2, t1, and calcitonin, however there is something else. T3 is created by the body in organs like the liver, lungs, and other places! My Chiropractor told me that today.
    I have Grave’s Disease and my thyroid is gone down to scar tissue. I take 75’s of Levoxyl. That brought my TSH down from 4.6 to 2.5-ish. But still have symptoms! Just like she says in the VIDEO!!!!
    Now, those minerals. All Veggies. If you have deficiencies in those minerals, it is veggies you need. Iron, potato skins, etc…YOU NEED LIVE FOOD!!!!! Not just dead or inert compounds that the body barely absorbs!!!! LIVE CELLULAR FOOD!!!!!!!!
    I make a large regular salad for lunch. FOR Dinner, STEAM for 10 minutes, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Water Cress, (i learned about that here the other day), long fresh green beans, half a carrot, small-medium Red Potato, cut up in small slices and chunks to cook in 10 minutes, put PASTA sauce on it! And some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. (and any other veggie you like.) Maybe add shredded cheese. It’s delicious! I also fry some ground turkey breast, (a medium patty), then cut that up, and put it all in one big bowl. That is dinner! And you get all that good nutrition.
    The other thing is Thyroid meds, or supplements should be taken on an empty stomach! So you get the dose full force. If you take CALCIUM then take that LATER in the day! It hinders the process!!!! Go online, and learn all you can!
    Hope this helps you go in the right direction!

  2. Anonymous says

    I was on thyroid meds for 10 yrs., before I learned that I should have the T3 measured. Now cytomel is added and I feel much better, including weight improvement. One can be on synthroid, etc. for T4 and still have symptoms because there is not proper training for doctors about testing and levels in the blood.

  3. Anonymous says

    How much time should you allow between thyroid meds and calcium supplements?

    You should allow 4 hours.

    Suzy didn’t mention how important iodine supplementation is to euthyroid (healthy thyroid). It’s definitely made a world of difference to my energy levels and stabilizing my thyroid hormones. Also, it’s important to detox heavy metals and parasites which can affect normal thyroid function. Read more by googling Hulda Clark and joining the yahoo ‘iodine’ group.

  4. RebelTiger03 says

    How To Measure Your Thyroid Hormone Properly



  5. vikingstork says

    Steve —
    what is the difference between Red Potato and White one? (other than skin, which, like beauty, is “only skin deep”)
    Braggs Liquid Amino, I have never heard of that vegetable – where does it grow?
    PASTA sauce, you forgot the recipe how to make it.

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