Fighting Cancer With Coconut Oil

how to beat cancer naturallyDr. Bruce Fife discusses the anticancer properties of coconut oil. He shares the stunning results of several different cancer studies involving the use of coconut oil.

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  1. Blessedgreatly says

    I would really like it a lot if could get the kinks worked out of the videos. I have NEVER tried to watch one that worked properly. I really mean just that: NEVER. Keep having to reconnect. Video starts up, disconnects, and you wait again. Makes viewing awful! Many attempts ago I made a determination to not even try to watch, then backed down and tried to watch this video on coconut oil. It also has the same old problem. Technical people, in case you don’t know this system is not working, I’m telling you now.

  2. Anonymous says

    I haven’t had any trouble at all with the iHealthTube videos. I wonder if it has to do with traffic at a specific time like when the video first gets posted.

    Or is it possible it is on your side? I know I had trouble watching videos until I upgraded some things on my computer. At any rate I love the iHealthTube videos. The have videos that it is hard to find anywhere else.

  3. Gypsyj says

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