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Meditation for Blood Pressure

When I was in India I met “yogis” or meditation masters who had remarkable powers of concentration.

Simply by focusing on their breath they could change their heart rate, raise their body temperature, and even walk on burning-hot coals.

In your daily life you probably don’t have the need or opportunity to walk on hot coals, but the power to quiet your mind gives you more control over your health than any pill or prescription.

5 Ways to Treat the Flu

If, despite your best intentions, you come down with the flu, there’s plenty you can do to fight it. And fighting the flu doesn’t mean accepting a handful of dangerous and expensive prescriptions. Try these five safer, natural cures instead. I’ve used them to cure more cases of the flu than I can count...

Natural Remedies Can Beat Drugs in Quest for Asthma Relief

Q: I’m in my 60s and was diagnosed with asthma a couple of years ago. I was put on an albuterol inhaler, but my insurance made me switch doctors—and my new doctor prescribed Advair and Singulair. I don’t know much about them, but I’ve heard about some scary side effects. I’m not sure whether I should take them.

––Ann B., St. Paul, MN

Is Kanglaite for Cancer a Miracle or Just Pharma Hype?

If you haven’t heard already, you will soon come across a new anti-cancer therapy called Kanglaite. It’s manufactured in China and is pushed by incredible hype and fanfares as a “proven” and “miracle” cure. But we’ve been there before, haven’t we? When commercial interests get on the bandwagon, the inconvenient matter of truth and integrity suddenly gets lost in all the brouhaha.

Your Digestive System and Health: What You Must Know

Good digestion is vital to overall well-being and healthiness. Health care professionals agree: the health of your digestive system is the root of good health.

The 6 Principles of Natural Medicine

In this day of medical controversy over the use of “natural” or alternative supplements, you must ask yourself (and your doctor) if there is a theoretical and physiological basis for natural medicine. Better yet, you should ponder your own beliefs on how the body heals and decide what type of practitioner is best to assist your therapies.

Force Fields and Friendships

About a year ago I gave a lecture to class on Integrative Medicine. The audience was a combination of medical, nursing, public health and dental students and a few interested faculty members. I was speaking about Chinese Medicine.

What's Poking You - An Introduction to Acupuncture

As people continue to seek natural, alternative means to relieve pain, combat disease and improve their overall well-being, acupuncture is a popular option and is growing in its 'trendiness'.

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