Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make Teeth Whiter?

Dental Assistant Michelle McPhail discusses using apple cider vinegar as a natural teeth whitener.

Apple cider vinegar makes teeth whiter because of the acidity level, which eats away at stains and discoloration. Learn now to use it to whiten your own teeth naturally. 

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Alice Wessendorf

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  1. Anonymous says

    You shouldn’t do it on a regular basis of course…just occasionally if you have staining. And be sure to brush your teeth about 10 minutes after. Then you’ll have no trouble with the enamel.

  2. Anonymous says

    apple cider vinegar is also good for losing weight too I have taken alot of it to the point that I lost alot I’m so happy it also cures alot more things then

  3. John Hnter says

    You are not going to use it enough to damage the enamel.
    The grit that is used when your teeth are cleaned at the
    dentist is much more harmful to the enamel.

  4. KAY says

    Does it really damage the enamel of the teeth? the one comment being that you need to brush your teeth afterwards.

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