The Dirty Dozen: 12 Fruits and Vegetables that Rank Highest for Pesticides

Scrub your celery. Apples and peaches too.

But even a good scrubbing might not eliminate all pesticide residue because some pesticide chemicals work their way into the soil where they’re taken in by plant roots.

Of course, this is a good reason to purchase organically grown foods. With organics, your chance of consuming pesticide residue drops significantly.

But whether or not you go organic, it’s still a good idea to thoroughly wash plant foods before eating. Especially foods on this “Dirty Dozen” list. According to the Environmental Working Group, these are the 12 fruits and vegetables that consistently rank highest in pesticide residues:

  • 1. Peaches
  • 2. Apples
  • 3. Sweet bell peppers
  • 4. Celery
  • 5. Nectarines
  • 6. Strawberries
  • 7. Cherries
  • 8. Kale
  • 9. Lettuce
  • 10. Grapes (imported)
  • 11. Carrots
  • 12. Pears

And now for the good news: According to EWG, onions, avocados, asparagus, watermelon, broccoli, and tomatoes are among the foods least likely to carry pesticide residue.

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Jenny Thompson

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