Congressman Ron Paul on the Swine Flu Scare

Congressman Paul gives his perspective on the swine flu issue, and how it mirrors the same unnecessary, sweeping panic of the 1976 Swine Flu Scare.



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  1. Anonymous says

    I have great respect for Ron Pahl. I just hope when they come up with a vaccine they don’t make it mandatory as I do not want it! Can anyone tell me how to find the forum that I used to read and participate in? Thanks

  2. Anonymous says

    Ron Paul says what so many of us think and feel. But we end up giving in to what the governments says we shoul do. More of us need to take what he says and really think about it. Check the facts and make a good desicion. We certainly owe it to ourselves and our families….

  3. Anonymous says

    What many people think and feel is not necessarily the truth; Believing does not always make it so. Ron Paul has made some comments that are untrue but popular with people who harbor the same feelings. This can be dangerous. I notice on the Douglass report newsletter i received many medical claims are made, yet there is no link to the actual studies he claims they are based on. A case in point, despite his claim that vegetarians have shorter lifespans and the children don’t thrive, i cannot help but think of Helen Nearing, a life-long vegetarian who died age 96 when the car she was driving crashed, and her also vegetarian husband Scot who died age 100, when he decided to refuse food and fluids. This also flies in the face of 7th Day Adventists, multi generational vegetarians.
    We are our government, including those who don’t agree with our viewpoints. Somalia is a land without government, but lots of guns, and a poor example of freedom or democracy.

  4. Anonymous says

    Not being one who takes flu shots myself, and in general agreeing with the hysteria aspect, I disagree that the government has no role in healthcare, that would condemn the poor to receive even less than they do now. And as far as homeland security’s relation to healthcare, this is no laughing matter. maybe homeland security has appeared to be, but healthcare and healthy citizens and visitors should be the prime responsibility of any nation.

  5. juliefairweather says

    Did you even watch the video! Say what you want about Dr. Paul, but he’s right on the money with this one.

  6. Anonymous says

    Anonymous – ignorant, cynical people like you never have anything of value to say. Please have the good sense to refrain from commenting instead of making fools of yourselves.

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