Congress wants to limit access to science

How can you expect to make informed decisions about your health if you're denied access to the latest research -- or, even worse -- if the science you ARE given access to has been cherry-picked by those with financial investments in it?

The simple, obvious answer is, you can't.

Yet there's a bill in Congress right now that aims to do just that.

The Research Works Act (HR 3699) would prevent any research from being circulated online without the consent of the publisher and the study authors -- even if YOU paid for the funding with YOUR tax dollars.

Instead, you'd need to pay AGAIN to read the research results. Talk about double-dipping!

This new law would reverse the giant step forward that occurred in 2008, when U.S. law determined that studies funded by the National Institutes of Health should be published for free in an online government database.

The publishers even have one full year to sell the journals before the research papers are posted on PubMedCentral, the free archive site.

Sounds reasonable, to me... So what more do they want? They want more money, of course.

One major journal publisher, Elsevier, turned a profit of $1.16 billion in 2010 alone -- and YOU paid for that billion-dollar business. Here's how:

Along with funding the actual research, you pay for the peer review process. The scientists who do those reviews are technically "volunteers" -- at least as far as the journal is concerned. But most of them do the work while on the clock at their day jobs in universities and research centers funded by... you guessed it... you.

It doesn't end there. Once a study gets published, you pay again -- because most of the subscriptions are bought by those same taxpayer-funded universities and research centers.

That means you paid THREE TIMES for the publication of a single study!

And now, in the ultimate slap in the face, they want you to pay AGAIN just to read the study results!

Enough's enough. If you're paying that much and that often, you deserve to see what you've bought.

Visit the Alliance for Natural Health's Web site to find out how to let your lawmakers know that "Research Works" doesn't work for you.


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Since when are we trying to be a totalitarian no good communist country, if we are suppose to have freedom of speech on deaf ears, freedom of religion on an atheist country, freedom of choice being suppressed of our rights, what kind of America have we become, all those who valiantly died for these rights are turning within their graves. JAM

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