Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

Dr. Bruce Fife tells us why coconut oil is healthier than olive oil. He explains its effects on metabolism and talks about the oil’s unique properties that make it an excellent weight management and weight loss aid.

Want to learn what Dr. Fife has to say about coconut oil and diabetes? Click here to watch a video in which he discusses the oil’s ability to slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream and helps the pancreas with improving insulin sensitivity.

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  1. charles pavlich says

    i switched to coconut oil in cooking and its great, food tastes better, i take extra virgin oil often, one tablespooncwtk several times week.

  2. Anonymous says

    There’s also a new butter substitute available called MELT that is made of virgin coconut oil and flax seem oil (which also boosts metabolism and would be useful for weight management). Its quite tasty and I have used it with great success in baking applications (e.g., thin flaky pie crust). Its great for cooking eggs, but MELT burns quite easily (like butter), so its important not to overheat it. Website:

  3. Anonymoose says

    Olive oil positive effects seems to have been well studied.. For example:

    The hydrophilic fraction of olive oil acts as an anti-oxidant and may repair damaged liver cells

    In addition to its antioxidants, olive oil has oleocanthal which has the same pharmacological effects as ibuprofen and is seen as a key protective factor in lower heart disease rates in much of Southern Europe.

    Freshly pressed Olive Oil with a high phenolic (398 ppm) count, is anti-inflammatory.

    Olive oil’s phenolic constituents, oleuropein and cafeic acid, may enhance fat-oxidation and optimize cardiac energy metabolism in obesity

    Olive Oil’s hydroxytyrosol binds to LDL (thus reducing it), and has shown to reduce fat. Olive oil is high in Oleic acid which has also been shown to boost satiety for weight loss.

    The polyphenols hydroxytyrosol (HT) and hydroxytyrosol acetate (HT-AC) reduce platelet aggregation.

    Olive oil’s Oleocanthal beneficially alters the structure of highly toxic proteins (ADDLs) that are thought to be responsible for Alzheimers.

  4. morybert says

    I prefer to use olive oil, particularly olive oil. And much healthier than coconut oil. In Asia, we use a lot of coconut milk in most kitchens. From the savory and sweet. But because of its high cholesterol, many people have supported the yogurt and skim milk.

  5. Lori says

    Coconut oil may be high in saturated fat, but cholesterol – not so much. And besides, the research is clear that eating real foods with saturated fats (like coconut oil, pasture butter, eggs from happy hens, goat cheeses, etc) won’t necessarily raise cholesterol levels nor make us fat. Skim milk is NOT a real food.

  6. Anonymous says

    morybert – sorry but you have got it completely wrong. there is NO cholesterol in cocunut oil as it comes from a non-animal source. yoghurt and skim milk on the other hand do contain cholesterol as they come from an animal.

    not that cholesterol is in itself the bigest dietary evil.

  7. says

    I am puzzled by all the praise for extra virgin coconut oil. Our family has tried twice to use it in place of olive oil. Instead of increasing satiety, it made me as hungry as if I had eaten candy. And for my husband, he put on weight rather than having his metabolism boosted.

    For the second time we tried it, I bought organic to make sure there were no chemicals in it. The one aspect that did work was an improvement my husband’s mental clarity. There is a doctor who has reversed dementia in her husband by giving him coconut oil. She believes that the medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil (and several other foods) are able to cross the blood-brain barrier to nourish brain cells that are insulin resistant.

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