Chromium for diabetes control

I’ve got some important news for people facing diabetes.

Scientists have known for decades that a single mineral can deliver the knockout punch to raging blood-sugar levels.

So when’s your doctor going to catch on?

The mineral is chromium, and you don’t need a lot of it. But if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic, you’re almost certainly badly deficient in it nonetheless.

No-brainer, right? Let’s go get some chromium!

Well, not so fast… because the American Diabetes Association refuses to admit that diabetics need chromium.

And since your doc is probably taking advice from the all-powerful ADA, he’ll just parrot that party line.

But here’s the dirty little secret about our "friends" at the ADA: In addition to pushing a badly flawed high-carb diet that dooms diabetics to misery and failure, this organization has been taking in millions of dollars from Big Pharma.

So when the ADA speaks… guess who’s really doing the talking.

Those drug companies don’t want you to get well — they want you to take their meds for the rest of your life.

So naturally, they don’t want you to know about chromium — and here’s the research they hope you’ll never see:

One analysis from a couple of years back looked at 15 studies on chromium, and found that 13 of them showed a significant improvement in blood sugar control.

The four studies in the analysis that measured fasting insulin levels found improvements of 30 percent, and six of the 10 studies that measured fasting glucose levels found improvements of 15 percent.

And every single one of those 15 studies found at least some benefit with no side effects.

No side effects — no wonder the drug-lovin’ ADA is trying to keep this a secret!

And that’s not all this mineral can do for you.

Chromium has also been shown to help diabetics and nondiabetics alike to lose weight, boost levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol and protect the heart.

Now’s the time to check the label of the supplement you’ve been relying on to help control your blood sugar levels — and if chromium isn’t on the ingredients list, chuck it.

Then find one that has what you REALLY need.

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  1. annepom says

    I keep asking the same question: do I follow the dosage on the bottle of GTF Chromium but for how long before results????? My diet is plenty of raw veggies, little fruit, limited grains (but from today I’m going to try to eliminate altogether!), Also take benfotiamine as recommend from Dr Douglas for nearly 4 months – still little differencce. But I suppose I should be proud of myself that I could stop taking insulin injections nearly 2 years ago after changing my diet to more alkaline!

  2. Esther Mathis says

    How much Chromium was used in the studies? And how many times per day were they taking the Chromium? I had heard that Chromium was good for weight loss, but I did not know what amounts are needed. Please write back and tell me about the amounts used to help diabetics. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says

    I ind it really amazing when some of these doctors post publications like these. How does one know which form of Chrominium to use? I think that would bea a great help as well as the dosage.

  4. rich says

    All three of the comments asked specific questions. These have been answered by Chris Barr. He says that the max that the human body can absorb per day is 290 milligrams so he says take one before each meal. Only use food grown chromium it is more than 4 times more efficient then non-food grown chromium.
    Also chromium picolinate is acually a poison and should not be used. There are only two suppliers of this in the U.S. you will have to do your own web search for I do not sell anything nor recommend specific brands. Also he makes the claim that he has seen tens of thousands cured of type 2 by utilizing this.

  5. Alice WessendorfAlice Wessendorf says

    The RDA for chromium for adults is 50 to 200 mcg. However, many nutritional experts in general recommend higher amounts, from 400 to 800 mcg a day.

    Since everyone’s situation is different you should always consult a qualified nutritionist or integrative physician to help you decide on what the right amount is for you.

  6. rich says

    If you read the above stated article from anonymous it contains this statement. Many dust particles contain high concentrations of chromium; for example,
    cement particles are particularly high in chromium. No reliable data are available on
    chromium intake via the lungs in industrial environments. However, the concentration
    of chromium in stainless steel welding fumes is usually high, ranging from 0.1 – 0.2
    μg/m3 (Gylseth et al., 1977). These fumes contain hexavalent chromium, from 0.05 –
    0.16 μg/m3 (Tola et al., 1977) and have resulted in elevated intakes of chromium by
    welders. And it does not say that this is a very! poor way to get your chromium in addition the same article on pg7 states that the biological chromium is the ideal but it can not be duplicated in the lab!

  7. says

    My sugar readings were about 320.
    I started off with 800 mcg a day and increased it to 4800 mcg a day for a week and found dramatic results! My bp fell very low, from a normal 140/90 to 100/70, I got scared and went back to 800 mcg per day. After a week I found my bp was normal and my sugar fell to 167. It remained 167 ish for a month or so.It is now stable at 237. I used puritan prides ultra chromium picolinate.
    After hearing a lot about the damage chromium picolinate may cause, I am not sure what to do?

  8. Anonymous says

    How much should one take who is 1) pre-diabetic and
    2) trying very much to lose weight?
    I have slight high blood pressure and take 5 mg Vasotec daily.

    Looking forward to an answer or suggestion.

  9. Tony IsaacsDquixote1217 says

    The advice to avoid chomium picolinate is spot on.

    I think GTF chromium can play a major role against diabetes, but would point out that diet and exercise should likewise play major roles for anyone seeking to avoid, lessen or eliminate diabetes. Like virtually any illness or adverse health condition, no one should simply chase remedies in a bottle without also taking measures to ensure that you otherwise have a good healthy foundation.

    Others may get better results and faster results with larger amounts, but I personally take 3 100mcg capsules of whole food derived GTF chromium daily. The brand I take is Mega Food, which you should be able to find with an online search.

  10. charleselv says

    The question I should ask then, is there a supplement out there that’s just “Chromium” without the picolinate? And what does “GTF” stand for? Thanks for your help!

  11. Lori says

    GTF stands for “glucose tolerance factor”. I take New Chapter whole food multi vitamins, and they contain 100 mcg of gtf chromium.

  12. Dusan says

    I wonder how come many supplements’ suppliers still manufacture and sell chromium picolinate if it is so unsafe… claiming at the same time how much they care for customers’ wellbeing! From the studies above toxicity was not so surely established with small doses – or I haven’t seen it!

  13. rich says

    To Dusan: It is not that chromium picolinate is so (unsafe) it is just stated that it is a toxin. So is aspartame,nutrasweet,msg
    they all take time to build up to a level that makes it detrimental to health and wellness. Why if you are trying to do something for your body. Like the benifits of Chromium. Would you choose anything less then the best for your body?
    And to comment 16 being a type 1 for 34 yrs a BG of 167 to 237 is not normal if you take a young person without diabetes before during and after a meal they will be at 83 as per Dr Bernstein thus establishing the ideal!

  14. Allie says

    To Vancan: I’m thinking you meant your “sugar” is under 100, since A1C is not measured like that. I would be curious to know what your A1C actually is, though.

  15. vancan says

    I stopped all medicines for diabetics, cholestrol, and blood pressure when I started taking 250mg a day (CTF Chromium).
    Now my A1C is under 100 and my family doctor, she was so suprised at the results. my A1C was more than 240, it was uncontrollable. so far it’s been 4 months. I’m taking it with vitamin B group, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium too. I walk a little fast for 30 minutes in the morning. I lost my weigh for 8kg. :)

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