Can Your Diet Increase Your Chances of Death?

It’s been shown that high amounts of red meat in the diet can contribute to moderate to severe heart problems or abnormal cell growth, but a new study points out a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer than previously reported. This is the largest study to date on the subject of mortality linked to consumption of red meat.

An article in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that during a 10-year federal study of more than half a million participants, men who ate a quarter-pound hamburger daily increased the risk of death associated with cancer by 22 percent, and increased the risk of death associated with heart disease by 27 percent.

For women who ate large amounts of red and processed meats, the risk of death from heart disease increased by 20 percent and the risk of death from cancer increased by 50 percent.

The study also reports that those who ate larger amounts of fish and white meat like chicken had lower rates of death. However, other factors such as smoking, family history and body mass did play a role in the research.

There are many fresh substitutions for red meat and processed meats in your diet including:

  • Lean ground turkey
  • Tofu
  • Mushrooms
  • Soybeans
  • Lentils

All of these additions to your diet, paired with whole grains, green vegetables and ample amounts of fruit can help you get the nutrients you need, plus help you avoid a heart disaster.

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Layne Lowery

Layne Lowery is the President of Health Resources™, a manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements.  In the health business since 1995, Layne’s passion is providing affordable natural health solutions and educational tools based on the best scientific research available to empower his customers to make wise decisions on matters of personal health.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Where in the world did they get this study, hamburger meat from residues and washed with some kind of chemical, processed food, of course these things are dangerous to begin and should be avoided, but grass fed beef is healthy and hamburgers made from this is another thing, and who recommends Tofu, and Soybeans come on folks let’s be realistic. JAM

  2. Prawoto says

    There are two kinds of red meat: industrial red meat and prudent (grass fed cattle) red meat. This study is done on the industrial one. Good study but not perfect. As a holistic nutritionist, I strongly believe that Dr, Weston Price observation is far more accurate.

  3. Candice Sparks says

    I can understand about the idea that processed or industrial red meats can pose health problem risks, but tofu and soybeans are even more harmful to human’s health than red meats are. The reason why I said, because I’ve used to eat soybeans and drink soy milk and come to found out later on how they damaged my thyroid hormone production, unhealthy weight gain, screwed up my menstual cycles, arthritis in my joints, exhaustion, hair loss, indigestion, and several other symptons. I’ve done some research on the compounds of soy and come to found that soy, even in it’s natural state contains one of the highest levels of phytates and anti-trypsine (anti-proper nutrient obsorption). Beans and legumes may have protein in them, but they also contain these compounds as well, maybe not as high as soy. The protein that are contained in legumes are not complete proteins like red meat. Our bodies require complete proteins (BCAAs) that only red meat along with other meats can provide. Red meat contains the highest levels of BCAAs. BCAAs are absolutely essential for bone, organs, & muscles tissues growth & regeneration, so legumes, soy, grains, nor other plant based foods could provide that. For one thing, the proteins in plant based foods are incomplete and insufficient in BCAAs. Red meat may seem like a dirty word, but societal nutritional trends have actually scared us away from foods that have been proven to be compatible, natural, & healthy for us to foods that are really the opposite; especially like soybeans and too much grains. In fact, too much grain consumption, not red meat, had been proven to contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and other health problems due to how our bodies metabolizes grains into sugars. You know how your insuline responds to excess sugar…resists! You cannot always rely on substitutes to get the same nutrients your body needs. Red meats’ BCAAs cannot be substituted for soybeans, tofu, lentils, nor other plant based foods. Yes, certain vegetables & fruits are healthy compliments to meats, but could never fulfill all the vital nutrients by themselves.

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