Can orange juice cure cancer?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away–but orange juice cures cancer. At least that’s what researchers at the National Institutes of Health are reporting. To be fair, the treatment requires way more than a few glasses of orange juice. In actuality, it requires massive doses of intravenous vitamin C.

Just how promising is the treatment? Well, Dr. Scott Greenberg of the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ has treated several patients successfully.

For example, one of Greenberg’s patients was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain, and yet another had breast cancer that could be seen protruding from her chest. Both were told their situations were grim. However, after several months both patients responded well to the vitamin C treatment, and today both are doing well and appear to be cancer free.

In fact, the breast cancer patient is past the critical five-year mark—typically considered a full remission.

While some researchers believe the treatment works by killing the cancer cells outright, others believe it is vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant protection at work.

Both theories are right, to a degree. You see, just like chemotherapy, vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide in the body—the same stuff you’ve been using to kill germs on cuts and abrasions all your life.

Hydrogen peroxide has a powerful oxidizing effect inside the body. And while oxidation (often referred to as free radical damage) is largely considered a bad thing, the flood of oxygen that results from the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide within the body actually destroys cancer cells—leaving healthy cells unharmed while super-charging the immune system.

However, unlike chemotherapy, side-effects are essentially non-existent. And, although the vitamin C treatment is not currently covered by insurance, the price of each treatment is only $125. Compare that to chemo and radiation therapies, which can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dr. Greenberg says that the therapy can be used in conjunction with more traditional therapies. But, just as is the case with chemo and radiation, the treatment doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s certainly worth the effort for patients battling with cancer.

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Dr. Allan Spreen

Dr. Allan Spreen

Nationally acclaimed as America’s “Nutrition Physician,” Dr. Spreen has been helping people stay healthy and disease-free as a private doctor, published author, and noted researcher.

In addition to his role as a Senior Member of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Spreen also coaches diving at the international and Olympic levels. NorthStar Nutritionals is proud to have Dr. Spreen as our Chief Research Advisor.

Dr. Spreen also writes the Guide to Good Health.

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  1. jlw1969 says

    Big pharm has so propagandized people that I know of people who chose radiation and when I try to show them an alternative, my husband pats my knee to stop and they talk about their “treatments” as if it’s the most incredible miracle they’ve ever known. I would like to get chelation therapy but my insurance won’t pay for that and I have no money of my own to do that. I am blessed to get my bills paid before the money runs out. Also, my husband has his on agenda, he smokes, and money for good food is at the bottom of his list. He does like getting raw milk at a local farm but that’s only $3.75 a gallon. :) We buy the best supplements possible and sometimes that is a bone of contention with us. For a long time, he would resist taking an extra 1000 mg of Vitamin C. He feels our whole food multi vitamin is enough. Thanks to big pharma and the FDA and the CDC and WHO, and big farma, we are mostly screwed.

  2. T. David Thompson says

    For Loretta Watson:
    Your husband is right. Most of the time, a cancer patient must walk through his/her “karma.” We shouldn’t interfere if they refuse alternative suggestions.

    Note: The lowest cost source of top-grade supplements in the U.S. is the non-profit:

  3. mother goose says

    On the subject of telling others about alternatives to chemo, etc. This weekend I experienced a great deal of sadness because of the passing of a young (40s) vibrant woman, wife, mother, whose zest for life was notable. Cancer. But sometime during the morning of the funeral which I did not attend, while I was struggling with the sadness of it all, I had a breakthrough. I was reminded that we all make choices. No one lives in a state of virtual ignorance. The information is out there and visible. It is personal choice to ignor it, and it is also a choice to be either ruled by fear, or willing to take responsibility. Yes, it is a tough choice, but it is a choice. This doesn’t in any way negate the sense of loss to a family or community of a beautiful life, but realizing this fact of choice has helped me to let go of some of the sadness.

    Sometimes it’s best to just hand someone an article or book and then say, “let me know what you think about this.”

  4. says

    I had a friend who chose chemo for his Hodgkin’s disease, he was a year on it. He survived, and even had another kid, he was 27, he is now in his 40’s!!! So, it is not all bad news. Not everybody dies on the stuff. There is propaganda everywhere.

    Be well and happy.

  5. Hendog 54901 says

    Thee most important thing that ANYONE can do for their health is to start the One Minute Cure! 35% Food Grade Proxide. Get The One Minute Cure book and do the O2 Therapy! A great website to get some additional info on this is there are You Tube videos that are a great sorce of info as well. The “Country Vet” and old Bill Munroe are 2 You Tube videos that are a must watch. I have been on this therapy for 18 months and I have not felt this good in over 20 years. I have shared this info with many who have been very ill and everyone who has stuck with this therapy has been blown away at what it has done for there condition..from arthritis to Prostrate Cancer! Your white blood cells produce this very same substance to protect you from all disease!! H2O2!! And it costs a whopping 3-5 cents a day!

  6. majkinetor says

    This article is far from truth.
    First, there is only few milligrams of Vitamin C in orange juice. That amount can’t cure any thing, its hardly enough to prevent scurvy.

    Vitamin C is not pro oxidant. Its antioxidant in dietary forms. To become pro oxidant, you need injections and pretty big amount of it (Sodium Ascorbate to be precise). The amount needed is 400 mmol/L if I remember correctly.

    This is so Riordan IVC protocol, you can find about more by searching about it on the net. Besides, Linus Pauling and friends were doing Vitamin C cancer research for years. They used smaller doses then Riordan but had pretty big success in survivability of terminal cases. Riordan added vitamin K3 to the formula. Apatone is the name of the drug that is made according to this (5g Vitamin C, 50mg Vitamin K3).

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