Can Iodine Help With Hair Loss?

It is clear that the micro-nutrient iodine (as well as iron, magnesium and zinc) is a key essential element for the normal growth and development in all of the body’s organ and tissue systems.

In fact, iodine, in combination with the aforementioned minerals are often considered the best “hair growth minerals” you can take for healthy hair. And if you are currently experiencing hair loss, it may be a good idea to supplement with these, as hair loss can be one of the most common signs of a deficiency in iodine.

Iodine and Hair Loss

In regard to iodine and hair loss, we need to look at thyroid health. The thyroid gland relies on iodine to make the hormones necessary for the growth of healthy hair, teeth and bones. When we are deficient in this nutrient, the health of our hair can suffer, leading to hair weakness or total hair loss. Taking a safe nascent atomic iodine supplement may boost hair health and growth, and may event prevent or reverse hair loss.

Historically, farmers understood the relationship between iodine and the health of an animals coat. In fact, sheep farmers noticed that iodine-poor soils produced iodine-deficient plants, which in turn produced iodine-deficient sheep. And these sheep, consequently, produced the least amount (and poorest quality) of wool.

It stands to reason that human beings are just as effected by iodine-poor soil and plants as animals are. And hair loss may be related to this decline.

Simply stated, iodine is a key element for hair strength and growth. While we may get some synthetic iodine in table salt, our body has a hard time assimilating it. Taking a nascent atomic, vegetarian form of iodine may prevent or reverse hair loss. There are even a few studies that support this evidence.

One 2001 study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, & Leprology desrcribed the use of iodine as a treatment for patients with alopecia (hair loss), and found hair re-growth in a number of patients.

Have you thought about taking iodine for hair loss? If you have, how did it work out for you? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Iodine is imposible to buy for some reason every pharmacy I have been to dosn’t have it. But I got Dulse

  2. says

    I have been trying to eat sea kelp or ‘dulce’ as my grandfather calls it, since it has a high iodine content but it’s not very tasty!! I’m glad there’s natural sources of it in supplement form because otherwise it’s really hard to get!

  3. T D Thompson says

    You can easily get Lugol’s Solution (2% Pot. Iodide) at: (the only non-profit supplement
    house in the US).

    I’ve been taking 2 drops/day for a year, and it has sure
    helped my thyroid…besides now providing protection against
    any Japan radiation.

  4. Anonymous says

    Be careful. I just bought an iodine supplement on Amazon about four weeks ago. I just went back yesterday to buy more, due to the situation in Japan, and the seller jacked up the price. It was $14.99, and now it’s listed for $36.99… Same bottle, same size, same everything… Greed is rampant right now. Remember to do your research and check for the BBB sign on everybody’s website.

    In fact, I clicked through to this authors website and they have the BBB sign right there on the side. And they still have Iodine in stock. Will probaby go buy some of there stuff.

  5. Anonymous says

    Regardless of the hype, most everyone should already be taking iodine. I’ve been taking a very good form of Iodine called Iodoral for years recommended by Dr. David Brownstein, an expert on iodine and its absolute necessity.

  6. Bev says

    do yourself a favor and dont listen to that doc! take it anyway. I really do think EVERY BODY needs it. I use the liquid & put a circle about the size of a quarter on your inner thigh or the bottom of your belly, ( where your glands are ) then when it soaks in put some more. I put some on every 24 hrs. Any drugstore will have it, if not then they can order it for you,

  7. cpmt says

    How do I know I need Iodine? I told my dr. but he said I don’t need it. I am not sure if it’s truth because I am always tired, loss lots of hair, I can’t lose wight …etc etc.. and I dpn’t believe that only checking my T4 is enough. If I need it, how much should I take? and what is the differences among Iodines (brands?)

  8. Virginia Speaks says

    I have been taking 50mg of Iodoral since 2006 and today you’d have to tear it from my cold, dead hands to get it from me! It got rid of my fibrocystic breasts, heartburn, bursitis, and I noticed new hair growth at my scalp line (I didn’t take it for hair loss but for it’s antibiotic, antiviral and antiparasitic aspects and that it detoxes heavy metals and encourages natural apoptosis). It also got rid of most of the age spots on the backs of my hands. It is a marvel, really. It also gives you energy, so take it in the morning away from vitamin C (vitamin C will change the iodine in the Iodoral to iodide; your body needs both). Be suspicious of products advertised to be “like Iodoral”. I recommend that you stick to the brand, or take nascent iodine or Lugol’s Solution. Two drops of strong (5%) Lugols = 1 Iodoral tablet (12.5mg).

  9. Anonymous says

    I read this somewhere and copied it out for self testing if one needs iodine, does anyone know what USP iodine is?
    simple self-test FOR IODINE
    Dip a cotton swab or ball into USP tincture of iodine. You can purchase this form of iodine at any drugstore. (Keep in mind that tincture of iodine is not to be used internally. It is poison. It can only be used externally.)
    Paint a 2-inch circle of iodine on a soft area of skin such as your stomach or the inner part of your thigh or arm.
    Wait and watch. If the yellowish stain disappears in less than an hour, your body is lacking in iodine.

  10. Anonymous says

    Most of us in the US are low in iodine. The color test, unfortunately, is not so accurate. I would not mess with anything less than ioderal or nascent iodine (in a pure form). Any skin application travels to the blood stream…with some evaporation.

    For Alopecia Areata or close to totalis, you may want to test a gluten-free diet for several months, to see if it works for you. For details, get your hands on the book “Dangerous Grains”, flip to the back to a list of (50) possible ailments (including autoimmune). Then read Dr Hymen’s blog on food allergies. If this is your key, uptake of all vitamins and minerals can be compromised. Seriously, you will want to work closely with a local integrative physician or naturopath.

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