Is a Brita Filter a Waste of Money?

Question: How beneficial is a Brita water filter?

I am wondering what the benefit or harm there is in using a Brita water filter for tap water. Does it have any effect on filtering the fluoride from tap water?

Answer: If you’re fond of wasting money, go ahead… buy a Brita water filter.

Have you ever noticed that their ads only claim to reduce the "taste and odor" or chlorine? So all it’s really doing is eliminating the warning signs that let you know this toxin is in the water – but you’re still drinking it. And the same goes for fluoride. In fact, the company’s website makes it quite clear that "you don’t have to worry about missing out on the benefits of fluoride in your tap water."

I guess they think they’re being reassuring. But when you know what I know about fluoride, it’s anything but. Fluoride has been linked to immune system alteration, it may aggravate rheumatoid arthritis, and it may cause musculoskeletal damage, thyroid dysfunction, and even cancer.

The best way to guarantee you’re getting safe, toxin-free water is to purchase a reverse osmosis filter and install it at your house.

Find out why I haven’t had a glass of water in 20 years…

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  1. Anonymous says

    what about ozonization?
    Ed McCabe(Flood your body with oxygen) describes all kinds of these therapies and treatments…to purify water, to kill parasites in blood stream..

    About “reducing”…this is true and the same with PUR filters.
    I once phoned Brita about that, and they said that chlorine is really “reduced”.. Yes, they lied, if it really was reducing, they would have changed the wording.

  2. says

    I can’t comment on Brita, but a good quality, installed water filtration / reverse osmosis system will remove Environmental Contaminants, Pesticides and Herbicides, Fertilisers and Nitrates, Calcium and Magnesium, Chlorine, Fluoride, Aluminium, Copper and Lead, Chlorine Resistant Parasites, Dirt, Rust, Slime, Sand and Mud.
    Enough said.

  3. Ronald Stonis says

    My wife has had several UTI’s with the accompaniment of paranoic/pychotic symptoms. The regular doctors we’ve seen, don’t seem to have a clue. They just give an anitbiotic, but my wife will refuse to take it thinking it will “poison” her. In her paranoia state she often refuses to not only take her medicine, but won’t drink the tap water, juices, or whatever.
    A year ago we almost lost her due to this UTI and the accompaniment of these psychotic symptoms. In the final end, the hospital gave her a shot that put her to sleep, and by the next day she was almost totally well. She had suffered from sleep deprivation for almost two weeks.
    Has anyone had anything like this happen to them and know the reason why this paranoia accompanies the UTI? Any solutions? Any causes of this?

    • kaunas8 says

      Actually not if you do the research. Places with fluoridation and without have the same rate of tooth decay.

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve read goverment papers when fluoride was first started and it was made from the same chemicals as antifreeze(almost to the exact ingredients). It has many chemicals, and for those people who choose not to use it, I agree. Many pills taken orally now go under the tongue for faster absorbtion. Sooo, by putting a low dosage of chemicals in your gums for years of use, makes sense, not to. I use baking soda, but I suppliment my diet with vitamins and minerals.

  5. Anonymous says

    Reverse osmosis water is dead stripped water. Yes, it
    removes contaminants, but also removes all the minerals.
    Much better choice is an alkalizing , ionizing water machine!

  6. Anonymous says

    Ive read that flouride is just bad stuff. They collect it in scrubbers down in florida? It is almost as toxic as arsenic? It was a scam to dispose toxic waste through the public water system and charge them 3 cents a gallon? Instead of dispose of it properly for $1.40 per gallon as hazardous waste? Does it come as a byproduct of the fertilizer and alluminum industry? From their Vapor scrubber towers?Am I going to be hunted down for asking these legitimate questions? Am I having paranoic/pychotic symptoms or is this stuff real??? Was your wife talking about the flouride in the water?, or just the water in general? This must be a hoax or something, our government wouldnt do this to us, would they?

  7. Anonymous says

    Fluoride is poison. Its in rat poison. It is hazardous waste from aluminum and fertilizer industries. Scrubbers catch the waste so it doesnt go into the air . They put the fluoride waste into barrels for cities to put into their water to drink. The citizens gladly pay 3 cents a gallon for the waste so they can add it to their drinking water supplies after they are told it is good for their teeth. I dont see them dumping vitamin C into the water during flu and cold season.
    Do you?

  8. Dumbo says

    I have a Brita water filter jug. I use it to filter rain water; my only source of drinking water. I’ve never been sick from drinking rain water, for many years, unfiltered.

    It seems OK for filtering particulates but I couldn’t say about anything else.

    My Brita water filter jug is made of hard, clear plastic which, I imagine, contains BPA so it’s probably not a good choice in that fact alone.

    Ho hum…cheers

  9. Anonymous says

    I would just like to comment to all those who have negative beliefs on fluoride, and yes I can spell it.
    I am a dental hygiene student and I firmly believe in the use of fluoride.

    Maybe some of you should do some research of your own and check out the benefits. It DOES NOT cause dental caries! It prevents dental caries, helps with sensitivity, and can remineralize areas that have started to decay!
    I would like some proof that it has caused dental caries because that is a LIE. Know your facts before you go preaching.

    Also, If you research Healthy People 2010, there is a section on oral health and trying to increase the public water fluoridation in the nation to 90%, it is already at 78% nationwide!! Thats a big deal! Most public water is fluoridated with a SAFE amount of fluoride that is beneficial to your health. Why would we ADD fluoride if research shows that its harmful? We wouldn’t, your information is incorrect.

    • kaunas8 says

      Why would you add fluoride if it is harmful? Because the ADA has been bought off and then tells dentists that fluoride is the greatest thing ever, and that everyone who says no is an uneducated hick. The dentists believe it without question and never dig deeper. It is called confirmation bias.

      Maybe you should look at some research beyond just industry funded junk science. Check out Fluoride Action Network and try to at least read their stuff with a tiny bit of an open mind.

      Aside from that, mass fluoridation is mass medication (in reality poisoning) without our consent and usually without our knowledge. The only reason that this goes on is that it makes a lot of money for industry, which then buys influence with politicians and groups like the ADA.

  10. Anonymous says

  11. “I am not interested in all the things floride MAY be linked to. However is is linked to less tooth decay.”
  12. Completely wrong, and you can’t even spell the word, it’s fluoride.

    Do some research and you will find the facts. Fluoride does nothing to prevent dental decay, in fact, it actually causes it, along with several other major negative health effects.

  13. Chessexpert says

    I have read claims for and against fluoride. The pro-side claim that it re-mineralizes and protects the teeth. I must admit that my teeth feel slicker and better after brushing with a toothpaste with fluoride.

    I see no benefit to drinking fluoridated water and have installed a three stage water filter that, I hope, will remove fluoride from my drinking water and water used for cooking, tea and coffee.

    Universities and government could do some good by doing basic research on this topic. The necessary precondition to good research is to proceed without bias or preconception. Unfortunately, honest, independent-minded research seems to be rare these days.

  14. Caitlyn says

    Not only are people drinking it, but we are soaking it up in our skin every time we bathe. Think about it, if fluoride was for helping our teeth, then why put it in something we swallow and our skin soaks up? Why not just put it in toothpaste? We are totally over-dosed on fluoride and other toxins! Why is cancer and infertility so rampant in America when we have the greatest healthcare and water systems? Because they are poisening you so you have to pay them to fix you!!! People invested in healthcare and pharmacy are the richest people in the world. It is all about money. They want you sick, because then you are desperate. Why are diabetes pills so much more expensive then Advil? Because there is a difference in desperation and they can charge that much because people will pay that much. I appreciate all you doctors and dentists and everything, I know you are trying to help. But who are you listening to as to what is okay and not okay for you patients, who is giving you your information? Yeah……

  15. Anonymous says

    We know full well that if we just brush our teeth without toothpaste that is enough to maintain a healthy mouth, the idea is to keep particles away from gums a good rinse is beneficial, there are natural products available, we do not need any FLUORIDE as many so called experts rave about, a paste of baking soda should do the trick and you can add a few drops of harmless ingredients for more benefits, and another thing it is not sugar what harms our teeth, it is any thing acidic, so a good rinse after such it would help, I for one would like to have all this harmful additions from toothpastes, our water systems and so on, there is a better way in taking care of our water supply, our food supply, etc, this should be #1 priority in any government, and I would not be surprised that many people specially DDS would commercialize such, then again there are many people who believes margarine is healthy. JAM

  16. Robbie van der Walt says

    Hi Dr
    RO water is said to have a acid ph.

    how true is that.
    if so
    what water will alkalize our body?

    Robbie South Africa

  17. Geo says

    Does the fluoride build-up go away after some time of not ingesting it? After how long? What the half-life, etc?

    I have psoriasis and difficulty recovering from coughs and congestion when I get them and I doctors can’t tell me why. I had been drinking lots of filtered tap water in the past, and recently stopped after reading the studies linking fluoride to (auto) immune problems (psoriasis possibly being one), among other things.

    Brushing with Fluoride safe if rinsed and spit?

  18. Geo says

    Does the fluoride build-up go away after some time of not ingesting it? After how long? What the half-life, etc?

    I have psoriasis and difficulty recovering from coughs and congestion when I get them and I doctors can’t tell me why. I had been drinking lots of filtered tap water in the past, and recently stopped after reading the studies linking fluoride to (auto) immune problems (psoriasis possibly being one), among other things.

    Brushing with Fluoride safe if rinsed and spit?

  19. Anonymous says

    I have met a very old man and he had the whitest teeth ALL HIS I’ve ever seen in my life. He has never brushed his teeth with toothpaste! He only uses a bit of salt on his brush!

  20. Anonymous says

    I was not expecting commentators to be so knowledgeable on fluoride. Fluoride is not good for you, period. Stop drinking it. Use toothpaste without fluoride(even colgate makes some now).

    The fact that they put this poison into our water system should tell you everything you need to know, and don’t think it stops there, it is confirmed that they are putting lithium in the Austin Texas water system. They claim it is reducing the suicides among the populous(I’ll let that speak for itself as well).

    If you want a good filtration system berkey filters are highly recommended by many, although I have not gotten one yet.

  21. Anonymous says

    Brita is a pretty junky filter. I would suggest doing your research on a good whole house unit. It should have reverse osmosis and a million varying filters (from several pre and post charcoal to your specialized things such as fluoride).

    If fluoride is your concern (it may benefit teeth – which do need pampering in this age of unexperienced constant high doses of sugar usage for our species) maybe consider an atmospheric water generator? Avoiding the municipal water supply in the first place solves much of you chlorine and fluoride problems and they come with things like reverse osmosis and many stages of filtratrion so just a thought (be aware that this would be drinking water only and would need to be in an area of good humidity such as a patio,porch, room with windows opened at night – they are so so slow but in ideal conditions they do make enough water for one easy)

    I wouldn’t switch over to bottled water. Not only do you not know where the water is sourced from/ how it is filtered (likely from a fluroidate municipal water supply) it has been sitting in plastic. Plastic is a complicated thing in health respects. Very noticable changes in nature have been seen from “leakage” of the chemicals that make up that little bottle of water. Such as gender changes. While it may not affect you so visually and radically – out of sight out of mind is never a good mindset for health and general well being. + It is just something else that will rape your $$$. If you want to blow some money on things that can make you sick – consider those ladies on the corner with the heavy eye shadow and fishnet stockings – a much more enjoyable way to be carefree.

  22. Bart says

    Nobody has mentioned the fact that local government has no business deciding it has domain over anyone’s tooth health.

  23. Anonymous says

    Those who believe the government propaganda that a PROVEN POISION “can be beneficial for you” in any dosage needs to wake up. The masses are being culled deliberately with fluoride and also aspartame.
    Have you people heard about the leaked internal memo from Citigroup, showing them gloating over the coming “American Plutocracy” where only the wealthy mattered and everyone else was “irrelevant.” ?? Everyone should read this memo.
    We are heading into some very troubling times. Wake up ppl!

  24. jared... environmental engineer says

    Not sure how effective Brita Filters are but the basis of these filters is activated carbon filtartion that we use in my line of work to remove all sorts of chlorinated carbons from both water and air… the problem with these filters is that although they are extremely effective, they get saturated quickly and need to be replaced often if the concentration of said chemical is above trace levels. Hope this helps with some science. Also drank rainwater in Indonesia… found out later that it had worms swimming around in it… drank beer the rest of the trip.


  25. Anonymous says

    Fluoride in the water supply has been shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of dental caries in the drinking populations. Can Fluoride be toxic? Yes. So can water, vitamins, and even air. It is not a question of CAN Fluoride be toxic, its the question ‘how much’. The ideal Fluoride level in the water supply is 1ppm (part per million) and, as stated previously, shows a substantial decrease in dental decay.
    The only real argument that I have seen above is whether or not the government should impose fluoride in the water systems. That is an issue of basic human rights and the freedom of choice. That is an issue. Not outlandish statements that Fluoride will kill you or cause brain damage or anything else based off of literature that has low degree of causality and, probably, have non reproducible results. Meta analysis studies and literature reviews accepted, challenged, and published by institutions such as the ADA back the use of Fluoride as a safe and effective means of reducing dental caries.

  26. Anonymous says

    Brita does not remove fluoride, unfortunately this company is on the “fluoride is good for you” bandwagon haha, i wish they did as their pitcher filter is easy to use and not that expensive…
    Fluoride is bad bad bad!!! i had permanent tooth damage on my front teet, this my dentist confirmed was from drinking tap water as a child!!! It was very traumatic as a child and very expensive to fix later!! Recent studies done in Europe show that after fluoridation was stopped people still got less and less cavities. It had been now proven that there is something else contributing to that fact that people get less cavities and it has nothing to do with FLUORIDE!!!

    If you want fluoride drink black tea!

  27. Dentist says

    This is ridiculous. From a dental aspect Flouride is absolutely beneficial and I am confused how you can argue otherwise. Like bones, our teeth consist of hydroxylapatite crystals. In the presence of flouride, the -OH molecules in the center of the crystal are replaced with F (flouride). This causes the formation of a smoother crystal making the tooth less susceptive to acid dissolution. And yes, too much flouride can cause flourosis and can be harmful if swallowed. But to say Flouride doesn’t help prevent caries is incorrect.

  28. Anonymous says

    Do your own research. Fluoride helps dull the intellectual capacity of population. It is also hss very negative effecss on your health. Like doctors, too many dentists either ill informed or sociopaths who don’t give a rats ass about your health. Remember the ADA gave theit blessing to mercury. Many of those caring dental hygenist just get brainwashed or financially compromised. To have a clear conscience they must convince themselves it is good for you. Don’t listen to so called experts. Do your own homework.

  29. FilterHype says

    The reason West Virginia has the worst teeth in the nation is because they DON’T have fluoride or chloride in their water. My father was a chemist and would test the tap water and never did he think there was an issue and thought that chlorine and fluoride were among the biggest health steps forward for the human race. Chemistry, sound chemistry, advances the human race and is the reason why most old world diseases were eliminated in America (only recent immigration has brought some of them back). You can live in an area where chloride and flouride are in the tap water and NEVER brush you teeth and you’d likely have healthier teeth than rural West Virginian who brushes twice a day. There’s not a single family member of mine that had any health issues related to tap water that is treated with chlorine and fluoride. Our house (which I inherited and live in again) was a suburban home built in 1960. The water has been treated all along. When we were kids they’d come by and coat every tree with a chemical designed to kill some moth or something like that. A giant tanker truck with a guy sitting like a gun-turret spray massive amounts of toxics literally coating the EVERY tree…and we kids stood out watching because we thought it was cool. It had to go into the ground water and therefore pass through the water treatment going to our tap source. My mother is 88 and doing well, father passed away just before 84th birthday, our grandmother lived long with us and every child in the home is over 47 and living well. No neighbors had any health issues at all and all my friends growing up are alive and well. My oldest brother is about to turn 60 and looks 40. Next brother has been swimmer since childhood and to this day tries to swim every day in a pool (same exact public community pool) unless he’s on vacation or busy…for 30 years. He’s incredibly healthy and hasn’t spent a day in the hospital in his life. We were weaned on our tap water. My parents drank it for 45-50 years. We’re all college educated (several with advanced degrees – lawyer, teach, 2 computer scientists, truck driver, sign language interpreter) and just fine so the moronic “research” that shows it stunts intellectual growth is just laughable and completely neurotic paranoia. This is the biggest bunch of baloney all this filtering water nonsense. THEY are the ones brainwashing you into buying their products, not any government or scientific agenda. If not for obesity (by far the biggest health care catastrophe in modern America) people would routinely being living to 100 here. If they put chloride and flouride in W. Virginia’s water sources they would instantly be taken off “worst teeth in America” status. I have a neurotic neighbor who I challenged to tell the difference between filtered and non-filitered water at a picnic. Blindfolded and given several chances…he couldn’t do it. I gave him 20 times to tell the difference between is favorite filtered water (Brita) and several bottled waters that are known to be from tap water (and treated). He couldn’t do it…he just started guessing and 1 or 2 times finally guessed right. It often times is in the mind. Some places may have overkill of treatment so easy to tell but vast majority, unless you are neurotic and practice sniffing water like a professional taster, would never be able to pass “treated or not” taste tests. Neurosis is a serious problem plaguing many people who worry worry worry to the point of becoming irrational in the face of overwhelming evidence. Again, if not for obesity issues we’d basically be living in a futuristic society where people live to 100 and beyond with ease. A big reason that could happen is because fluoride protects teeth from decay and tooth decay leads to all sorts of health issues.

  30. Anonymous says

    To the above poster:
    Quite an eloquent dissertation. If we should all live to be 100 or more then how come your pops only made it to 83?
    West Virginians having bad teeth cannot be attributed solely to lack of fluoride in the water. Lifestyle and dietary choices have far more of an influence than chemicals (by-product of the fertilizer industry, by the way) dumped in the water. Fluoride is poison, and regardless of the so called dental health benefits, individuals should be in control of what goes into their bodies. I don’t need my municipal water authority or your father to tell me what is best for my health. And I am glad I have a reverse osmosis filter installed in my house. I also store my drinking water in a glass container in the fridge. Brita’s filter pitchers leach toxins into the water.

  31. Anonymous says

    Remember when people wanted H2O banned because it could kill people in a high enough dosage? Yeah, you get what I’m saying.

  32. Anonymous says


    please watch ‘Run from the Cure’ – the Rick Simpson story – for your psoriasis, on youtube. Also check out Dr Carolyn Dean’s book ‘The Magnesium Miracle’

  33. Anonymous says

    I’m just glad I’ve been drinking well water for the last 25 years. We also use a Brita filter for cooking and drinking water.
    Maybe we’re safe after all.

    Did you ever notice the warning they have on toothpaste tubes now?
    “Warning: Keep out of reach of children under six years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or call a poison control center”
    Under directions it states “do not swallow”
    This is from a tube of Crest.
    Yeah, this stuff is safe.

  34. Dewey Fish says

    Boiling water serves only to Concentrate the amout of Fluroide in a VGiven amount of water…
    The Only way to Get Fluoride out of your water supply is from the source/// namely your water board…
    The only problem there is most of those folks are being paid to keep it in by the producers of this toxic waste…
    If they had to get rid of it themselves it wouldcost BILLIONS…
    So they sell it to us and MAKE Billions with this great lie…
    That its good for you…
    With The Help of Government and the corrupt FDA, EPA, USDA…
    Speaking of which… Fluoride is in all of our produce now anyway…
    Welcome to Idiocrocy…
    I guess noone say the fluoride spill a few months ago that corroded the concrete streets in New Youk as it was well covered up…

  35. Anonymous says

    Regarding claims chemists know best what our bodies need, it would be a stretch to claim them best qualified to determine the needs of the human body.

    Chemist give us “look alikes,” such as vitamin C, but which is synthetic or limited extractions. They are “chemically alike.” However, it’s said the ascorbic acid touted as vitamin C will not cure scurvy, though a simple potato, with its natural source of C, will. Simply put, what men produce may lack other, critical vitamins and minerals that allow them to work.

    Finally, for you chemists, please tell me the difference between the fluoride found in, say, tea, compared to what is sold to water districts by the likes of Alcoa.

  36. Anonymous says

    If you think fluoride is so safe, realize that it was used in concentration camps to keep the prisoners more docile.

    I am sure it is almost as safe as the mercury put in amalgalm fillings.

    A poison is still poisonous and not good for you in small quantities.

    I started buying RO water when I decided I had enough chloramine and fluoride plus who knows what other contaminants like prescription drugs, are contained in tap water.

    Fluoride and bromine (used in breads) also displaces iodine in the thyroid gland making it less efficient.

  37. Anonymous says

    These fluoride comments are hilarious. Here’s a few sources for all you crazies who think community water fluoridation is bad. I’ll summarize the findings since you probably won’t actually read any of these. Fluoride in water in the right amount is good and reduces dental caries.

    Armfield, J. (2010). Public water fluoridation in reducing children’s dental disease. Public Health Reports, 125(10) 655-664.

    Ast, D., Finn, S., McCaffrey, I. (1950). The Newburgh-Kingston caries fluorine study, dental findings after three years of water fluoridation. American Journal of Public Health Nations Health, 40(6):716-24.

    Finn, S., DeMarco, C. (1956). The effect of artificial water fluoridation on the solubility of tooth enamel. Journal of Dental Research, 35: 185.

    Iido, H. Kumar, J. (2009). The association between enamel fluorosis and dental caries in U.S. schoolchildren. Journal of the American Dental Association, 140(7):855-862.

    Kanagaratnam, S., Schluter, P., Durward, C., Mahood, R., Mackay, T. (2009). Enamel defects and dental caries in 9-year-old children living in fluoridated and nonfluoridated areas of Auckland, New Zealand. Community Dental Oral Epidemiology, 37(3):250-9.

    Neidell, M., Herzog, K., Glied, S. (2010). The association between community water fluoridation and adult tooth loss. American Journal of Public Health, 100(10):1980-1985.

    Muhler, J., Boyd, T., Van Huysen, G. (1950). Effect of fluorides and other compounds on the solubility of enamel, dentin, and tricalcium phosphate in dilute acids. Journal of Dental Research, 29: 182-193.

  38. Anonymous says

    Omg you people are ridiculous. If you are so anti-fluoride then you should’nt be drinking milk or eating a lot of foods that already contain it. Hello!! Think you are safe with well water? Nope! Fluoride is a natural mineral. Fluoride is beneficial to strong bones and teeth. :) and to talk crap because of the warning label on toothpaste is silly. Does’nt it have a warning label on drugs also so that you don’t take too many? Duh!

  39. Lori says

    Anonymous #46 – fluorine is an element that occurs in nature. Fluoride is man-made and is actually toxic to bones and teeth. Do some homework.

  40. Anonymous says

    @anonymous 42

    What is your list of carefully selected studies supposed to prove? Is there a less favourable one (or 20) that you neglected to include that has nothing to do with teeth (really, who cares if it’s been shown inconclusively to reduce cavities?), and everything to do with acute and cumulative toxicological effects throughout the body.

    Just look back at how fluoridation started and the pressure put on researchers simply relaying the objective facts of their studies that don’t best please the fluoridationists. You’re a gullible fool if you believe we’re drinking it because the government cares about our teeth. What we should be concerned about is the increasing level of saturation we have today that makes it impossible to control our intake.

    The way you and others have selectively quoted studies is what’s crazy here, not to mention ridiculously unscientific. Try adding the book Bad Science to your reading list along with the history of fluoridation and a summary of studies of ALL aspects of fluoride exposure, not just your get-out-of-jail-free dental rubbish. Failing that, sign up for dental school.

  41. Anonymous says

    Look up the several news story about young children died after swallowing the fluoride gel during dentist visits. Yes, fluoride is poison.

  42. Anonymous says

    Anonymous #42 & #46
    AS explained to you there is a big difference between natural occurring fluoride and the junk China sells to us that we so we happily introduce to our water supply it is people that do not understand the difference between one and the other that aggravates the situation, it is like the study they came up saying that Vitamin E was bad for our health, pleaaase give me a break, they failed to tell that they used a synthetic form that is utterly useless and downright harmful compared to the real McCoy which is safe and beneficial for what ails, you are committing the same blunder these so called prominent of the community, all, just to bad rap natural supplements in favor of Big-Pharma medications that are loaded with side effects, I suggest you and all who follow these harmful guidelines to wake up. JAM

  43. Digit says

    All the so called science aside, it seems to me that every one here is from a free democratic country and I for one and it seems many others in our communities do not want fluoride in our water, but where is our vote? Instead it is being forced on us by those same people who make all the other bad decisions everyone bitches about every day of their lives… why on earth would this one be right? and to twist the knife it is being paid for out of public funds, that is my money paying for a product that I don’t want and I believe if the majority of uneducated citizens were educated they would not want it for themselves or their children. If there are a few dentists out there who believe it is good for health, go ahead and soak in it all day long for all I care… but people need to be able to choose for themselves, end of story.

  44. Digit says

    If they stopped adding Fluoride to our water, and started selling little packets of Fluoride powder so you could mix your own (for those who think it is a good health choice) how many packets do you think you could sell? Now there’s a winning idea…

  45. Anonymous says

    QUOTE: “Why is it, the people in dentistry either the last to know or stay completely ignorant about flouride?”

    Because they are more likely to believe what they are told if they heard it in “Dental school”

  46. Anonymous says

    anyone who thinks that the fluroride in your water is good for you please call the number on the back of your tooth paste bottle and ask them what you should do if you injest the tooth paste and why you should call poison control , if the amount in your toothpaste is enough for you to have to call why shouldnt we when we get more in our water :(

  47. Anonymous says

    I agree with the anti fluoride posts. Especially the fact that there is a huge difference between natural fluorine and man made poisonous fluoride. Ofcourse everyone in the dental industry thinks its safe and beneficial, because that’s what they were taught. And they were taught this, so the poison could continue to be cheaply dumped in our water supply because people will believe their dentist. It is a massive scam, and were paying the price with our health. And you do not need toothpaste. Just a toothbrush and floss.

  48. Anonymous says

    Dentist 31
    I would probably not argue when it comes to natural occurring fluoride, what we are arguing is the fact that the one introduced to our water supply is a waste from manufacturing, therefore is a poison, you as a dentist should know that just brushing our teeth and gently scrubbing our gums is sufficient, we do not need anything added, as someone pointed out of someone using a bit of salt to brush their teeth and bingo white and healthy teeth be honest with yourself and your comment is nothing but propaganda to continue with amalgams and treatments that would probably be more harmful than helpful. JAM

  49. ITSPOISON says

    There is a reason the Canada has removed fluoride in their water……and it isn’t because they want bad teeth. They don’t want to drink poison. If you swallow your toothpaste your supposed to contact poison control, but if you swallow poisonous water, its ok. Do some research on where fluoride comes from, that alone should make you change your minds about having it in your water. If fluoride is in the air its poison, if fluoride is in the lakes and rivers its poison, if fluoride is in our drinking water its healthy. The fact is, fluoride is a level 4 toxin, right up there with arsenic. Sodium Fluoride is an active ingredient in rat poison. It would cost these fertilizer companies a fortune to dump, so they found a profit making alternative, put it in our water and say its good for us. They do not even refine the stuff when they take it out of the scrubbers in the smoke stacks, they just barrel it up and put it in the water, god only knows what else these scrubbers pick up from the fertilizer plants. Please people, do not be so gullible to believing the government. They do not care about our best interests, they only care about turning a profit, and cutting corners to keep their pockets full. Now they are talking about adding LITHIUM to the water to lower suicide rates. No joke, do the research. They know the nation is waking up, they know that their days of poisoning us are near an end. So they want to dumb us down by adding lithium to our water.

  50. Anonymous says

    anon #54

    “Isn’t drinking fluoride to protect your teeth like drinking sunscreen to protect your skin?”

    YES!! Very good analogy!!

  51. Anonymous says

    Sure ignore the facts, just nod smile and take your medication. Some more facts:

    – 97% of western Europe has rejected fluoridated water due to the known health risks, however 10% of Britons drink it and the UK government is trying to fast track the fluoridation of the entire country’s water supply.

    – In Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg fluoridation of water was rejected because it was classified as compulsive medication against the subject’s will and therefore violated fundamental human rights.

    – In November of 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) advised that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water.

  52. Kabas says

    Seems folks in the Dental field are pro fluoride cause the Dental Schools have bought into that by the fluoride money. Had one Dentist who went away from that movement and has condemnation from the Por Fluoridians..Now, if it’s all that OK, why in the world is there a WARNING LABEL on the toothpaste tube with Fluoride and not with ones that don’t have it? that should tell you something. Sheeples and big money are keeping the Fluoride in the Dental industry. It’s about time the Dental industry breaks away from the grip of the ‘Fluoridians’ and get with a healthier aspect of tooth decay prevention. Read a long time ago that in the North Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., a city had to shut down the fluoridation of their city water due to a parts problem/availability, something like that. Well a study was done on different age groups to see what affect it had on cavities. If my memory serves me correctly, with the fluoridization it was like .02something, without it was .02something, a digit difference. If your a ‘Fluoridian” break out of your ‘box’, research it in an objectional mind set and see. i did as I thought it could be a bunch of crap…boy was I surprised. Just sayin.

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