Big Pharma: Poisoning for Profits

I’d like to be able to say I’m shocked, but unfortunately I can’t. Once again Big Pharma is placing profit above people. And let’s be honest…there’s nothing even remotely shocking about that.

The difference this time is that their pill-pushing scheme goes way beyond their normal negligence straight to immoral and is teetering right on the edge of criminal. Meanwhile the FDA turns a blind eye to the clever marketing campaigns designed to convince ordinary people like you and me to complacently line up at the pharmacy to get our regular dose of “poison.”

I am talking about antidepressants and the staggering recent revelation that the vast majority of those taking these dangerous drugs are getting no benefit at all. Zero. Nada. Not any better than a sugar-pill.

What they ARE getting however is a dangerous dose of poison along with a host of dangerous side effects. The worst of which is death: an unimaginably steep price to pay for, essentially, a poisonous placebo-high.

Turns out that only in the most severe cases—about 30%—are antidepressants any more effective than a placebo. That was the conclusion of a research team from the University of Pennsylvania who analyzed the compiled data from 6 different large-scale, placebo-controlled trials.

That’s right. Seventy percent of people taking one of these heavy-duty drugs are getting no more benefit than if they were stirring an extra spoonful of sugar into their coffee!

Whose minding the store here? Certainly not the FDA. If they were, the drug company execs would be escorted out of their glass walled offices in handcuffs. And I don’t think I am overstating the case here. Anyone who has suffered severe side effects, or lost a loved one to an antidepressant driven suicide, would make an even stronger one.

Unless you are suffering from a serious depression, you’d be better off flushing the happy pills and trying something that might actually help like getting more exercise or changing your diet.

See 4 Tips for Depression Relief for some other natural options.

Pass me the sugar and NOT the pills.



Antidepressant Drug Effects and Depression Severity, JAMA. 2010;303(1):47-53.

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Alice Wessendorf

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  1. jam427 says

    Well as usual Big- Pharma is at its best, and in a way it does not surprise me one bit, when it comes to illegal drugs, well illegal everything, the USA is #1 numero uno folks, kids are inventing ways to get a high even with household items, I guess some of us has an urge to try anything at any given time, and is not nutrition they are seeking, they are going for poison, same kids also use prescription drugs for same purpose, I wonder if some of these Cos and Big-Pharma their logo is R I P, again folks you know what a big Lollipop represents on top of our heads.

  2. Anonymous says

    Depression is usually just a good old heart break! That is what is used to be called, but now it is referred to as “depression”, a medical illness. It isn’t. Think of a depressed person getting handed a large check, perhaps a new place to live, or released from an abusive situation. Good-bye pills!, unless they are seriously addicted by then, and most likely dying from the side effects. Big Pharma is pushing, what seems like nothing more than, rat poison. I feel sorry for people who give all of their personal power; their ability to heal themselves with nutrition, clean air, and a little TLC, over to a “doctor” (no longer a healer), who will prescribe them a quick way down the drain. What ever happened to real medicine? Medicine should never make you sick!

  3. fishy says

    Thanks so very much. I was put on SSRIs and developed the suicidal thoughts, before they admitted the drugs caused suicidal thoughts. I was written off by most of my friends and family as crazy and noncompliant. The poison was prescribed because I was sad about my mother who was about to die, and my eldest child had moved away to college. The pill did not “cure” either of those situations… imagine that.
    I had not so much as missed a day of work over the sadness. Now I am labelled with charming psychobabble diagnosis and left to deal with the lingering effects on my own. There is STILL no antidote or treatment plan for people like me. I guess they assume we will all just off ourselves.
    Oh, and here is the best part… I knew I needed OFF those pills. so I quit. PSYCHOTIC WITHDRAWAL is also on the label, but no one who was around me while I suffered through it knew that. It took a couple years to become functional again, and by then… the statute of limitations had run out.
    DEPRESSION IS NOT A DISEASE. It is a state of mind, and normally, a transient one. Exercise, eat right and love something – get a dog if you need to. STAY OUT OF THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE. They are good people with BAD educations.

  4. behemoth says

    My siser in law has just recently come to Blighty: Which as you know is the evil twin of the psychopath government the USA. She lives around the Sarasota area of Florida.

    Well she collapsed and had to be taken to hospital.

    Apparently has an irreversably damaged liver.
    Kidney failure
    dead heart tissue that requires that she use a pacemaker.
    Related to (2), a bad case of Kidney stones.
    Possible hepatitis b or c which caused the death of her liver.
    She constantly slips in and out of “Coma”(?) possible Hepatic Ecephalopothy.

    While in the US she was taking large amounts of medication including antidepresants and Insulin, and masses of antibiotics. I have not yet gained the full story. Enought though to realise that she really ought to have paid a little more attention and asked a lot of questions.

  5. Katie Caliente says

    The drugs do provide a nice numbing side effect I call a “chemical lobotomy” . Surely this is hugely helpful as we are forced to endure the loss of our civil liberties and the ever-increasing terror as perpetuated by Big Pharma’s buddies .
    In a sense, they have been merciful to us all. How little you appreciate the drugs they have made available!
    Why the Jews merely had train fatigue before being gassed and shot!
    Id say drugging us up is much more humane!
    All those history channel Hitler shows paid off!
    Now they drug us first.
    Thanks Nazi International—i didnt think you had a shred of humanity left…delighted to know i was wrong.
    Id personally prefer to be gassed, so you can perhaps use the bullet reserved for moi, on an older Jewish person, or dare I say, a subhuman type.
    But isnt that presumptuous of me…assuming I have qualified as human already in your eugenics database!

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