8 Tips for relieving heartburn pain naturally

heart health tipsHeartburn, also referred to as pyrosis or acid indigestion, is a burning discomfort in the chest area just behind the breastbone. The pain usually occurs after eating and can last from a couple of minutes up to a number of hours.

In many cases heartburn pain is unkowingly triggered by poor food choices. Meaning, of course, that it can be headed off at the pass simply by modifying your eating habits.

In fact, many heartburn sufferers notice a significant improvement in their symptoms after they swith to a heartburn-preventing diet.

Following are eight easy-to-follow diet tips that could have you well on your way to avoiding the discomfort and pain of heartburn forever…

1. Dietary fiber. Eat far more high fiber foods to aid the digestion process. This includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products (e.g. brown rice, whole or rolled oatmeal, and whole grain breads) that are created from wholemeal flour.

2. Eat lots of fresh fruits like apples, bananas, and pears which are all good for digestion. Avoid eating citrus or acidic fruits (e.g oranges, grapefruits) as they can trigger heartburn.

3. Eat raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Cooking vegetables destroys many of their important enzymes and nutrients.

4. Drink ample amounts of filtered water. Water is critical for good digestion so stay well hydrated especially after you’ve increased fiber content in your daily diet in order to avoid irregular bowel movements or trigger heartburn pain.

5. Take digestive enzymes with your meals. Digestive enzymes will help your body with digesting food. Since your stomach doesn’t have to work as hard it will be producing less acid to break up the food you are eating and this can prevent heartburn and acid reflux from occurring.

6. Take a probiotic (eg. Lactobacillius acidophilus) supplement. The friendly bacteria will help you digest your food and will also help generate the enzyme lactase which helps to break down lactose (a milk sugar). Lactose intolerance is often a trigger for heartburn pain.

7. Avoid high fat and oily food. Eat lean meat only, get rid of skin and fat from your chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. Fat can be hard to digest making your stomach produce extra acid to try to digest it. Be sure to avoid any deep fried food such as french fries as well.

8. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet included any added fructose or sucrose. Too much sugar, especially in the form of sweets ( donuts, chocolates, candy, cakes) promotes yeast growth and can cause an overgrowth of a yeast called candida that can give rise to heartburn.

If you regularly suffer from heartburn, don’t rely on prescription drugs or over-the counter antacids to relieve your painful symptoms. Instead, prevent your problems before they even start with a heartburn-busting diet. Â

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David Chin

David Chin is a former heartburn sufferer, and now he runs a blog to help people to get rid of heartburn. Visit his blog at: www.heartburncureshq.com

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  1. Gertrude "Trudy" says

    When is anyone going to tell the short, simple truth about “acid” reflux? When there isn’t enough stomach acid to digest the food eaten,or too much food was eaten too fast for the amount of stomach acid to digest fast enough, there isn’t enough of an acid balance to open the pyloric sphincter and let the food pass out of the stomach. So the food builds up and ferments, causing gas and stomach discomfort, even nausea–and eventually, having no place else to go, it goes the only place left–up the esophagus–and that event is called acid reflux. In our 30s-40s, we start making less acid. Or we eat too much or too fast or too greasy for our stomach acid to keep up with and we get overweight. Easy fix for acid reflux: ingest acid with food. I use fresh-squeezed lemon in my beverage, or eat citrus or salad vinegar or sour pickle slices with my meal. When the acid is high enough, the pyloric sphincter opens. Case closed. How to tell if you have too much or little acid: ingest something acidic. If the discomfort eases in seconds, you have too little acid; if it gets worse, you have too much. I now eat whatever I want, no longer have acid reflux, no longer have indigestion–and I’m 20 years older than when I did. All due to this simple method.

  2. Health Blog says

    I would like to add another tip for reducing heartburn: Reduce stress, which is also a cause of heartburn and acidity.

  3. Anonymous says

    There is another way to prevent heartburn, and that is food combining, which has worked very well for me. You don’t have to avoid any healthy foods with this system, just avoid eating food types types together.


  4. Anonymous says

    3 or 4 times, I have given away my copper bracelet and forget about it being gone . . . 3 weeks later I am looking for the Tums . That first time I could not understand needing them after over 4 years without but someone mentioned the copper. Put another on and next day , good to go. Talk about KISS.

  5. Surendra says

    When on bloated stomach after a heavy party meal, try chewing and swallowing a few stalks of fresh green celery. If you do not like the taste, chew pieces of fresh carrots along with the celery. Wait for 10-15 minutes. You will get a burp or fart or both and then complete relief! This is probably for persons with excess acid. Eating celery and carrots will help anyone with better digestion and health.

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